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07 December 2015

Sweden’s Largest Retail Bank, Swedbank, Deploys Cryptomathic’s Crypto Key Management System

7 - December 2015

Swedbank, the largest retail bank in Sweden and one of Europe’s largest payment acquiring networks, has implemented Cryptomathic’s Key Management System (CKMS), to securely manage keys across its card payment acquirer network and its payment terminal management system.

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26 October 2015

Banco Santander Uruguay Chooses Cryptomathic and ICPayment to Deliver Card Issuance Platform

26 -  October 2015

Partners deliver solution with central and instant issuance modes, enabling flexible personalisation for bank’s payment and multi-purpose University Cards 

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13 July 2015

S2M Deploys Cryptomathic’s CardInk for Card Issuance Across Multiple Continents

- 13 July 2015

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25 March 2015

Cryptomathic calls for European Standards on E-ID and Trust Services to Recognise That Cloud-Based Digital Signature Schemes Do Not Require a Secure Element

- 25  March  2015

In excess of 10 million users across Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and Austria are already successfully using remote server central signing;

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10 March 2015

New Encryption Service Launched for G-Cloud Uses Cryptomathic’s Crypto Service Gateway

- 10  March  2015

Public sector departments can now access encryption data services through the UK Government's digital IT marketplace to cost-effectively comply with data protection regulatory requirements

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