Digital signatures are the heartbeat of digital transformation. Customers now expect seamless, end-to-end digital experiences, leaving  the days of wet-led signatures behind us. 


Cryptomathic Signer is a remote digital signature solution that empowers global businesses to offer smooth and secure digital signing experiences to their clients. Powering Signer is Cryptomathic’s certified Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD), which ensures that you  never need to worry about complex technical and legal standards of digital signatures. We take care of this for you.

Signer is suitable for completing all forms of legal documents and agreements. It is the solution of choice for organisations that need a highly versatile, non-repudiable and legally binding digital signature service. We make it simple for you to unlock convenient, secure and scalable digital experiences, supported by Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)  so you can operate with confidence across markets. 

Cryptomathic Signer delivers three key outcomes:

1. Superior customer experience 
Customers can securely apply signatures to a document or transaction anywhere, anytime. 
Rapid onboarding and positive user experience help deliver digital experiences your customers will love. 

2. Enhanced security and control 
Create legally binding digital signatures that are recognised across borders and have the same legal certainty as handwritten signatures. 
Achieve full eIDAS compliance (including eIDAS 2.0) across every digital transaction. 

3. Reduction of operational costs 
Stop printing reams of paper, posting agreements and waiting for signed documents to return. Signer streamlines processes and eliminates the need for physical materials. 

Cryptomathic Signer can be used to create legally binding documents of any size, in any industry. If any of the following statements resonate with you, then Signer is highly likely to be a good fit to achieve your goals: 

“We need full legal certainty for digital signatures and cross border recognition.”

“We want to simplify our auditing process.”

“We want centralized enforcement of document policies.”

“We want to offer a great user experience with strong user confidence.”

“We want to become a qualified trust service provider.”

“We want to digitize our document management.”

“We need full control over the cost of digital signatures.”

“We want a digital signature solution, but already have some elements in place that need to be part of the solution.”

“We want to expand our capability for electronic signatures to meet expected demand.”

How does your tech work in action?

Case Study: UBS

Cryptomathic Signer is a flexible solution that is delivered based on your needs:

On Premise
Hardware and software installed within your data center.

Managed Services 
Cryptomathic delivers a signature service on your behalf. You offer trust services under your brand and terms.

Selected Services
Cryptomathic offers trust services under your branding with the corresponding policy.

We know exactly what it takes to stay ahead of regulatory changes and compliance challenges.

Our people have shaped digital signing, crafting pioneering, award-winning software and acting as critical consultants for organizations for  over 30 years. 

Legal Certainty

We get it: differences in national and regional standards make it complicated to offer fully qualified digital signatures.

That’s why we created Signer to help your legal teams sleep soundly at night, enabling digital signatures that are legally recognised worldwide.

Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets and Digital IDs are an exciting glimpse of the future. Cryptomathic Signer is a great fit for this developing ecosystem, already being used by national governments to verify identities and enable easy, secure access to services.

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Cryptomathic Signer is the stand-out solution for qualified digital signatures, with an unbeatable selection of headline benefits:

  • Create legally binding digital signatures with legal certainty that is recognized across international borders
  • Enjoy an easy implementation and give your developers an experience they will love with a straight-forward API 
  • Strong interoperability empowers you to operate across borders and systems with confidence
  • Deliver a superior document signing experience for your customers without sacrificing legal certainty
  • Improve customer experience with rapid onboarding, anytime, anywhere
  • Build the perfect digital user experience or integrate to your existing customer journeys
  • Easily demonstrate compliance using a solution that is designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements of eIDAS and other national regulations
  • Ongoing ability to address legal challenge using simplified and robust audit trails, available on every electronic transaction
  • Reduce operational costs and streamline processes to eliminate unnecessary paper printing and improve your environmental impact
  • Relax knowing that your signing solution is future-proofed and scalable
  • Receive world-leading support from digital security experts
  • Brand the entire user experience including workflows, signature stamps, certificate issuers, certificate profiles and terms & conditions
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Discover how Cryptomathic Signer leverages strong authentication to deliver user-friendly and legally binding digitally signed transactions over the web with our online interactive demo