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The digital journey of your customers can greatly benefit from electronic signatures. Cryptomathic Signer is a central signing solution, which abstracts all the complexity and helps banks and trust centres provide a smooth digital signing experience to their clients. With Signer, organisations can offer a highly versatile, non repudiable and legally binding signing service. Cryptomathic masters the legal and technical standards so that your signing service can be certified as providing advanced or qualified electronic signatures.

This is what an organisation needs to deliver its digitalisation strategy and give customers the freedom to sign transactions, documents or data online, anytime, anywhere.



Research by MarketsandMarkets reports that “the major growth drivers of the digital signature market include reduced business operational costs, superior customer experience, and enhanced security and control.”

Cryptomathic Signer is designed to meet these exact benefits. Signer prioritises security and user convenience while providing full eIDAS compliance for legally binding electronic signatures in Europe and beyond.

Advantages of Cryptomathic Signer

  • Leverage existing 2-Factor Authentication deployment

  • Offer a unique signing experience for all channels incl. web portals, desktop applications, mobile devices

  • Conform to European ETSI standards and comply with the eIDAS regulation
  • Make PKI transparent for the end-user

  • Issue advanced or qualified electronic signatures

  • Offer non repudiation

  • Reduce operational costs


Cryptomathic invented the concepts of central signing and WYSIWYS in early 2000. Signer's patented technology is 100% engineered in Cryptomathic’s labs. Our internationally acclaimed experts are a trusted voice in the standardisation committees and we are proud of being the technology provider for several nationwide central signing deployments - for both public and private organisations.

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