Secure digital transformation
User-centric qualified signatures and authentication

Secure online transactions and digital transformation require non-repudiable and legally assured processes, beginning with the initial on-boarding, and covering many steps throughout the customer journey, where strong authentication and legally-binding signatures are required. Often these processes cross corporate or national borders and areas of jurisdiction. 

Cryptomathic offers customer-oriented, eIDAS-certified solutions and managed services for remote signing, customer onboarding, and strong authentication.


Authentication server solution for large-scale and secure online services. Cryptomathic Authenticator provides a higher level of security than any other system in the market and offers an integrated authentication service platform for multiple systems, from a single point.


The remote digital signature solution offers the complete online customer journey. Cryptomathic Signer drives digitalization possibilities for business through reduced operational costs, superior customer experience, and enhanced security and control.

Cryptomathic Authenticator -
Commercial Benefits

  • One system for all your authentication needs 
  • Central solution for large scale roll outs
  • Token vendor independent for flexibility and choice

Cryptomathic Signer -
Commercial Benefits

  • Offer remote, legally binding e-signatures 
  • Use existing 2FA for eIDAS compliant e-signatures 
  • Lower operational costs and enhance security

Cryptomathic Authenticator -
Technical benefits

  • Easy integration into complex environments
  • Strong security - HSMs, attack detection, admin
  • Compliance features e.g. dual control and audit logging

Cryptomathic Signer -
Technical benefits

  • Issue Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signatures
  • Support European ETSI and CEN standards
  • Simplify PKI and compliance audits

Better Together

Authentication and Signing

Some things are just made for each other


Providing the back-end security that allows our customers to choose the authentication methods and processes that offer the best fit.



Offering secure, remote and legally binding digital signatures. Integrate with your existing 2FA system or seamlessly plug-in with Cryptomathic Authenticator.


Authentication and Signing - solutions

Cryptomathic can either deliver the complete solution or individual components for implementing large-scale strong authentication and remote electronic signature services. Being hardware vendor independent, our solutions provide our customers full flexibility of choice.

Our complete approach to the market and adaptability to evolving technologies makes Cryptomathic a current and future proof choice when choosing authentication and e-signing solutions.

Deliver legally binding electronic signatures in the cloud using 2FA 

Digital Transformation 
with trusted security


At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as longstanding clients.