Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) offer the same level of legal certainty as traditional wet signatures.

But creating a system for QES is expensive, time-consuming, heavily  burdened by compliance requirements and requires a large IT footprint.

Until now...

Cryptomathic's Managed Signing Services offer a fully managed, electronic signature service for those who needs the highest level of legal certainty.

Delivered in record time without a large IT footprint or audit burden.

When you sign or manage high value documents, you want a signing solution that offers a high level of legal certainty. 

If you’re buying a loaf of bread, you may not care about legal certainty. But if you’re buying the bakery, the stakes and the risks are higher. You will want the signed contract to support you in court if it ever comes to it. 

Signature solutions that provide legal certainty often come with a large IT infrastructure footprint and a significant auditory burden. Some organizations understandably want to do things differently. That’s where our managed signing service comes in… 

Many European qualified trust service providers (TSPs) have a qualified signature solution as the backbone of their business. But operating as a TSP brings the heavy burden of managing the audits and assessments required to maintain signatures and meet the qualified level. 

If you don’t have the expertise or compliance competencies to fulfill such requirements, you’re in a tough situation. There is not currently an operational model that fits you in terms of finance or time required. What’s more, unless you’re a TSP, signatures are likely to be a way to simplify digital user journeys, rather than a revenue stream in itself.

So, what if you want to sign with high legal certainty, but signatures are a risk and compliance necessity? What if they are part of the user experience but not a revenue driver? 

This is the case for so many organizations: banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate agencies, health care services and similar high value transaction actors do not want to risk business opportunities with uncertain signatures.

Our Managed Signing Services are hosted in a data center, instead of having it on premise. So, if you want to do things differently, you can just call the APIs and consume it from there, ready to benefit from the same optimization normally reserved for on premise solutions.

Cryptomathic’s managed signing services offer the benefits of signing with high legal certainty, but with a minimal IT footprint and vastly reduced audit requirements. 

How do we do this? Signing is simply offered as endpoints. 

This means you build your user flows, hit the APIs, and serve your customers and employees with a high level of user confidence and privacy for both you and your countersigner, while reducing the risk of signing documents.

On a technical level, the trust services are offered through the API. The qualified trust service provider carries the auditory burden of serving your solution with qualified signatures, as well as meeting the requirements of passing a new assessment at least every 24 months (required to stay at this level).

Our managed signing services work in several models that are simple to implement, so you can be up and running in no time. 

Even if you have specific requirements, we can offer models where you become the qualified trust service provider yourself. In this case, you would use our endpoints and hosting to gain a lighter solution that comes with all the fine tuning you could need.

Standards are a powerful driver in the regulated space of electronic signatures. We embrace it at Cryptomathic, because it offers our customers a high level of interoperability and allows us to make our offer modular and extendable to cover different use cases.

We focus our solutions on the areas where our expertise makes a real difference: Public key infrastructure management (PKI), complying with ETSI standards and the relevant certifications for the jurisdictions our customers operate in, namely eIDAS in the EU and ZertES in Switzerland. 

For other areas, we rely on industry standards such as RESTful APIs, OAuth, Financial Grade APIs, OpenID Connect, and Cloud Signature Consortium (v2), among others. 

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It's never been easier to create Qualified Electronic Signatures. Our headline benefits speak for themselves:

  • High degree of legal certainty
  • Short time to market
  • Small upfront cost
  • High degree of interoperability
  • Strong user confidence
  • High level of privacy
  • Highly flexible user experiences
  • Small IT footprint
  • Few auditory requirements

Create Qualified Electronic Signatures with ease

Watch our free webinar recording on how to create eIDAS 2.0 complaint Qualified Electronic Signatures without requiring a large IT footprint.

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