Payment Application Manager (PAM) issues and manages EMV® cards and other smartcards with applications such as transit, eID and healthcare. 

Providers of transit ticketing systems, issuers of IDs like driving licences and passports, and countless other industries that rely on chip capabilities use PAM to enhance the data, enabling new and evolving use cases.


Why use Payment Application Manager?

Use PAM to:

  • Enable virtual payment cards for eCommerce, create eCoupons or offer travel tickets, by issuing and managing non-traditional tokens
  • Manage all aspects of card or token lifecycle, including:
  • Data preparation for single or multiple apps, including EMV® card applications
  • Key and certificate management
  • Post-issuance management
  • Support instant issuance of physical and virtual cards

Who can benefit from PAM?

  • PAM issues and manages hundreds of millions of smart cards for organizations around the world
  • We’ve built it for either single issuers or multi-tenant service providers
  • That’s why we’ve made it scalable horizontally and vertically
  • It’s also licensed on card volume under management, so there is a deployment model suited to every size of issuer
  • PAM is card, OS and application-neutral, so any smart card app, irrespective of brand, can be issued on any type of chip.

What sets PAM apart from other solutions?

Lifecycle management is a key benefit. PAM, unlike other data preparation systems, retains card and application data, including parameter settings and chip information.

Why is that important? 

  • First, it provides a rich source of management information.
  • Second and more importantly, if you combine it (via easy integration) with our EMV® Transaction Management, it can pre-populate the EMV® authorization database with card details.
  • It can also then receive details of parameter updates applied to cards through EMV® scripting.
  • These are retained in PAM's database and can be used for card renewal or replacement.




PAM's user-maintained configuration defines “Product Profiles” that contain the instructions for data preparation, key and certificate management and card personalization.

This means you can onboard new clients or launch new products easily, as code changes are rarely required.


PAM can operate in tandem with an existing card management system to enrich mag-stripe card order requests or files with EMV® or other smart app data, forwarding the resulting personalization requests to a card bureau or to an instant issuance system.

Alternatively PAM can create complete card production orders, including mag-stripe and embossing information, from simple card requests. 

To create personalization requests, PAM collates data that can be generated internally, supplied in the card order or fetched from external systems.

When issuing EMV Offline PIN cards, PAM can fetch the PIN stored or previously captured online by our PIN Manager and add it to the personalization data. 

PAM Product Whitepaper

Manage EMV® cards and other smartcards with applications such as transit, eID and healthcare. 

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