Cryptographic keys help ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation, to prevent and detect of fraud and other malicious activities. But they can be a nightmare to manage






Whether you’re operating in a highly regulated environment, or within less- or self-regulated industries, key management is crucial to safe and secure business today.

Less-regulated industries are encountering key management for the first time, adopting technologies and practices to provide protection in an increasingly digital world.

Meanwhile, highly regulated organisations are used to meeting stricter compliance requirements but now face challenges of scale: 

  • Costs of HSMs are high
  • Utilisation is low
  • Integrations can be difficult

As the volume of keys increases, such organisations are finding it harder to ensure certification and prove compliance with security standards. 

With Crypto Service Gateway, large organisations can save multi-millions of annual savings, gain crypto agility and ease compliance. 

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Another challenge has also entered the fray: post quantum computing. This uncertain world requires flexibility to meet as-yet-unknown future threats. 

To meet this challenge, organisations need cryptographic agility – or Cryptography-as-a-Service – which has the ability to change cryptographic algorithms and keys without changing the applications at the code level. This enables resistance to new risks, without causing business disruption.

Cryptomathic provides a single space to manage and address all security decisions related to cryptographic keys, including multi-cloud setups, to help all kinds of organizations speed up deployment, deliver speed and agility, and minimize the costs of compliance and key management.

Cryptographic keys are crucial for protecting everything from card payments to cloud services. 

These keys are random strings of hundreds or thousands of ones and zeroes and come in a variety of flavours, depending on functionality, resources, desired performance, or security level.

For example, there are:

Symmetric keys: both parties share a common key, secret to everyone else.

Asymmetric keys:  paired keys, of which one is secret (known only to a single entity or user) and one is public. 


Given the importance of cryptographic keys for protecting high-value and sensitive data and communications, it is crucial that they are well managed. Poor key management will leave you vulnerable to criminality or loss of business, and exposed to regulators. 

We understand the challenge of managing cryptographic keys today, particularly for growing businesses in highly regulated industries, such as financial institutions or automotives.

Overseeing the entire lifecycle of hundreds, thousands or even millions of cryptographic keys is a complex task. The fallout from mismanagement can be catastrophic, from data loss to disruption of business operations and irreparable damage to an organisation’s reputation.

That’s why governments, banks and businesses worldwide trust Cryptomathic to empower them with the right keys, in the right place at the right time.

Our solution puts you firmly in command with a single, centralized and automated key management system.

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Bring coherence to your cryptographic key management.

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