• Elan Financial Services

    EMV Migration & Automated Key Management

    While migrating to EMV, Elan automated its cryptographic processes for client onboarding, card issuance & transaction authorization.

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  • UBS

    Qualified Electronic Signatures

    Cryptomathic Signer enables UBS to transform its digital services by offering clients remote Qualified Electronic Signatures.

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  • Swedbank

    Centralized Key Management for a Major Acquirer

    One of Europe’s largest acquirers centralized and automated its key management activities for its card payment network, including terminal management.

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  • Barclays Bank

    Cryptography as a Service

    Cryptomathic revolutionizes the world of cryptography. Read how CSG centrally solves the crypto security needs of Barclays Bank

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  • Crédit Agricole

    Multi-Application EMV Cards

    Crédit Agricole uses Cryptomathic CardInk to deliver one of Europe’s largest multi-application EMV issuing project to date.

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  • LuxTrust

    Central Signing Service

    Understand how LuxTrust delivers remote qualified electronic signature services to the entire private and public sector of Luxembourg using Cryptomathic Signer.

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  • MasterCard

    Centralized Key Management

    Explore how MasterCard centrally manages, updates and distributes cryptographic keys throughout its global acquirer network.

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  • Permanent TSB

    Authentication for Multi-Channel Banking

    Read how Cryptomathic Authenticator provides a secure, cost efficient, scalable and future-proof platform for online users.

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  • S2M

    Best of Breed Card Issuing Solution

    S2M chose Cryptomathic CardInk to provide the flexible and versatile EMV data preparation solution to support constantly changing client needs.

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