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Cryptomathic Answers Compliance-Driven Call for Crypto Agility

Cryptomathic Answers Compliance-Driven Call for Crypto Agility

New crypto policy control center supports RESTful APIs to deliver PCI-DSS, GDPR and PSD2 level security via web service integration

Cloud security pioneer, Cryptomathic, today announces an important update to Crypto Service Gateway (CSG 3.10), its popular crypto control center, which offers enterprises and service providers a single interface through which they can deliver and manage all the crypto-security functions that secure their data and applications, both on-premise and in the cloud.

CSG 3.10 now offers full encryption and signing support via a RESTful API, enabling web services to integrate and exchange data in the cloud. Delivering appropriate security through web service APIs is a pre-requisite for compliance with a number of regulations shaping the future of data management around the world, including PSD2 and GDPR in Europe, and PCI-DSS in the US.

“We have seen a huge spike in demand for compliance-driven encryption, as businesses consider their compliance with data protection regulations,” comments Matt Landrock, CEO at Cryptomathic Inc. “By enabling crypto agility, Crypto Service Gateway can enable large organizations and institutions to respond to crypto attacks by transitioning from one encryption standard to another at a moment’s notice. These new options for business-critical cryptography enable users to comply with the dictates of new regulations via one efficient and easily-integrated solution.”

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CSG 3.10 acts as both an HSM service and crypto policy management interface, for banks, institutions and large enterprises worldwide and solves over 50 common application crypto problems, including integration, data encryption, tokenization, transaction authorization, code signing and key management.

“CSG is designed to quickly and easily add encryption to applications without developers having to worry about algorithms and cipher-suite choices,” adds Landrock. “By centralizing the management of crypto-policy and offering true crypto agility, Cryptomathic is once again answering urgent market requirements.”

CSG is already trusted globally to accelerate the adoption of strong cryptography.  V3.10 has been specifically designed to reduce integration friction, in response to increasing demand for fast and efficient integration with a wide range of applications. By adding support for a lightweight and modern RESTful API, CSG builds on this promise, enabling dramatic reduction in integration lead times for business-critical applications, while providing enterprise-grade resilience, scale and performance.



Cryptomathic CSG v3.10 is available now. For more information, please consult: https://www.cryptomathic.com/products/key-management/crypto-service-gateway.