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Cryptomathic Publishes "Digital Signatures for Dummies"

Cryptomathic Publishes

New book offers easy-to-digest guidance and advice on digital signature deployment and management

Digital signature pioneer, Cryptomathic, today announces the launch of Digital Signatures for Dummies, a new book providing a clear and straight forward introduction to the complex world of digital signatures.

The book demystifies the major concepts that underpin the security of digital systems and provides guidance for business and IT professionals seeking to further their understanding of digital signature technology, together with how it can be selected, deployed and managed effectively.

“Thanks to the new eIDAS regulation, digital signatures carry the same legal value in the EU as those that are handwritten, which opens up huge opportunities for businesses across the EU to transform their operations,” comments Chris Allen, co-author and Senior Solutions Architect at Cryptomathic. “For many businesses, this was the last hurdle that needed to be overcome before they could go entirely digital. This book is designed to help speed things along.”

In Digital Signatures for Dummies, Cryptomathic takes the reader on a journey through the full lifecycle of the technology, from initial design to application and ongoing management, and provides both analysis and context relative to today’s cybersecurity threats. It also considers the applications of digital signature technologies and deployment strategies in potential business models, and further accounts for their commercial consideration.

“The exchange of digital documents, together with the execution of cross-border transactions, has become commonplace in today’s business world,” comments Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH. “This requires businesses everywhere to establish a digital strategy that incorporates a commercially robust level of digital trust and non-repudiation. Digital signatures sit at the heart of this process and enable a new level of security and digital professionalism when implemented in a user-friendly manner.
“As one of the original pioneers of digital signature technologies, Cryptomathic is well placed to help educate the market on how it can benefit from them,” adds Forget. “As an interoperable and highly-secure means of enhancing authentication, digital signatures are playing an increasingly fundamental role in all of our futures.


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