Transaction Manager

EMV® transaction authorization, data analytics and EMV scripting


Our Transaction Manager (ETM) adds PCI-compliant, feature-rich EMV® capability to an existing mag-stripe authorization system or switch without the need for extensive modifications or an expensive upgrade. ETM provides:

  • EMV cryptogram verification to guarantee authenticity and integrity of cards and transactions

  • Analysis of the EMV data in authorization requests with configurable outcomes for user-specified conditions

  • Real-time or pre-staged generation of EMV scripts for card blocking, risk parameter management and PIN change and unblock.


Transaction Manager performs all the functions needed for EMV® transaction processing in response to a single TCP/IP call from the existing authorization system. The call contains the raw EMV data block from the incoming request message with no need for the calling system to parse or process the data. ETM's response delivers the corresponding EMV® data block containing the necessary cryptogram and any EMV® script generated during ETM processing or pre-staged by an external client, ready to be dropped into the outgoing message.

Transaction Manager is highly performant and highly available. Full active-active deployment is supported and ETM is scalable horizontally and vertically. ETM is licensed on card volume, so there is a deployment model suited to every size of issuer. ETM is in use by some of the card industry's largest and most demanding issuers and processors, and multi-node implementations are capable of performance well in excess of 1,000 transactions per second.


Transaction Manager supports multiple issuers, card brands and EMV® applications concurrently. Configuration defines Card Groups based on multiple BIN ranges that have common cryptographic and analytics processing requirements. An unlimited number of Card Groups can be configured.

Arrays of EMV® Master Keys are assembled into Key Groups that map onto Card Groups in one-to-one or one-to-many configurations. On-boarding new clients or introducing new products is simply a matter of extending the user-maintained configuration.

Easy to deploy

Transaction Manager represents a low risk, cost-effective route to in-house EMV® processing capability that is simple to integrate and preserves investment in existing systems.

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trade mark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.


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