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Cryptomathic Receives eIDAS Certification for Remote QES

Cryptomathic Receives eIDAS Certification for Remote QES

Cryptomathic today announces that it is the first eSignature solution provider in Europe to receive a certification ticket for the new Common Criteria certification process for eIDAS compliant Qualified Signature Creation Devices.

Under the terms of the eIDAS regulation, trust service providers must use certified QSCD products to offer remote Qualified Electronic Signatures across the EU. Until now, common standards to certify such remote signing products have been unavailable, so alternative certification processes have been used instead. Cryptomathic has actively participated in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), and contributed extensively to help the body define the certification process for remote Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs), in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation.

The actual security requirements have been defined in a new Protection Profile (419 241-2), which is expected to become the standard template used in all Common Criteria certifications for remote signing QSCDs.

This document is the first of its kind for a remote signing product as it is the first time that a standardization body (CEN) has defined, in partnership with the industry and European regulators, rigorous security evaluation criteria for these products in accordance with the demanding Common Criteria methodology.New Call-to-action

Cryptomathic adopted this onerous certification method to certify its remote eSignature solution, Cryptomathic Signer, and is proud to announce the certification ticket milestone has been reached. This reflects Cryptomathic’s commitment to developing highly secure products that can be immediately certifiable against standards that have been openly and carefully reviewed by both regulators and industry peers.

Product Manager and cryptography expert at Cryptomathic, Jan Kjærsgaard, explains "Delivering eSignature solutions that meets the highest requirements has always been in Cryptomathic’s DNA. Meeting this certification milestone shows that we are substantially ahead in the market, and we continue to invest in our product to offer a superior remote signing experience combined with the highest levels of security assurance."

Cryptomathic is an industry leader and assists multiple trust services providers and banks to enable their customers to sign documents and transactions at the highest assurance level. Cryptomathic Signer is the ideal eSignature solution to offer an exceptional user experience with an elegant "What You See Is What You Sign" (WYSIWYS) implementation.


Reference to ongoing certification: http://www.tuv-nederland.nl/nl/38/ongoing_certifications.html


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