CardInk securely generates data for hundreds of millions of EMV® Chip payment cards every year.

When payment cards are issued, sensitive data enabling validation of the card and transactions is added. Often, banks deliver the basic data to card personalisation bureaux, who use CardInk to enrich the data and pass it to the machines for production. 

Such data includes relevant personal details for the account holder, cryptographic keys, and the 16-digit code generated for every payment card. 

EMV® data preparation implemented by bureaux, data processors and card issuers


CardInk is:

  • The quickest data preparation solution on the market
  • User friendly and easy to operate, from installation to setup and daily operation
  • Highly scalable, capable of generating data for over 180,000 cards per hour.
  • Cost-effective for high volume or small scale production, with price dependent on the functionality required
  • Trusted by over 2000 customers across the globe

It enables you to easily:

  • Centralize data formatting and key management
  • Meet any card issuing environment (mag. stripe, chip, single- and multi-application, instant issuing, NFC)
  • Integrate with issuing systems including ACI Worldwide, Atlantic Zeiser, Datacard and Mühlbauer

Save time and money with the masters of payment security

We’ve been working with global issuers for decades. Our unrivalled experience auditing card payment bureaux on behalf of a major payment scheme means we know what steps you need to take to comply with guidelines and specifications.

This means you can enjoy a swift and hassle free move to EMV®-based payments, saving money and getting to market quicker.


We ensure you’re not tied to one particular technology. 

Our technology masters have developed the only major system that is both HSM vendor and card platform independent across GlobalPlatform, or native/proprietary operating systems, enabling a high ROI.

We support the following applications:

  • Mastercard (M/Chip, Mag stripe & PIN, CAP, PayPass, Advance)
  • Visa (VSDC, Mag stripe & PIN, qVSDC, MSD, DPA, Mobile)
  • American Express (AEIPS, Mag stripe & PIN, Expresspay)
  • Discover D-PAS (Contact/Contactless)
  • EMV Common Payment Application
  • SAMA (SPAN2)
  • SIA (Bancomat)
  • China UnionPay
  • BMS (Monéo)
  • Interac
  • Diners
  • Pure



We also support you through every step of the process, with resources including:

  • Administrator's Manual
  • Data Preparation with Encrypted Data & Data Preparation Tool Guide
  • DLL Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • EMV® CA User Guide (for testing)
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Key Import and Export
  • Input Specification & Output Specification
  • PIN Handling
  • Security Architecture
  • Technical White Paper
  • Troubleshooting Guide

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trade mark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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