EMV® Data Preparation

EMV® reduces card payment fraud but the process of issuing EMV® cards requires a high level of security.

CardInk is an EMV® data preparation system, which offers best-of-breed centralized data formatting and key management while maintaining flexibility to meet any card issuing environment (e.g. mag stripe, chip, single- and multi-applications, instant issuing, NFC). CardInk is implemented by bureaux, data processors and card issuers alike.

Supported Applications

  • MasterCard (M/Chip, Mag stripe & PIN, CAP, PayPass, Advance)
  • Visa (VSDC, Mag stripe & PIN, qVSDC, MSD, DPA, Mobile)
  • AmEx (AEIPS, Mag stripe & PIN, Expresspay)
  • Discover D-PAS (Contact/Contactless)
  • EMV Common Payment Application
  • SAMA (SPAN2)
  • SIA (Bancomat)
  • China UnionPay
  • BMS (Monéo)
  • Interac
  • Diners
  • Pure 
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CardInk is used by more than 200 customers across the globe to issue 100s of millions of EMV® cards annually. Our customers include prominent issuers and service providers such as Crédit Agricole, First Data and Trüb.

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CardInk integrates with various issuing systems from major vendors such as ACI Worldwide, Atlantic Zeiser, Datacard and Mühlbauer.

CardInk features a format converter, allowing simple integration for both input files (raw files that CardInk process) and output files (completed files from CardInk sent to personalization and / or card management).

Flexible Data Preparation Solution

CardInk is the only major system that is both HSM vendor and card platform independent:

  • GlobalPlatform
  • Multos
  • Native (proprietary OS)

This ensures that customers are not tied in to one particular technology and hence ensures a high return on investment.

CardInk is also very easy to operate, right from install and set-up and daily operations. User friendliness is vital to our customers who have to respond to instantly to marketing and business requirements set forth by issuing managers.

Quickest Data Preparation Solution

CardInk is extremely scalable and is currently running in live production environments that are individually generating data for over 180,000 cards per hour.

Although CardInk is perfect for high volume production it is also suitable for small scaled production and because the price is dependent on required functionality CardInk is the most cost-effective solution.


CardInk is the most comprehensive EMV® data preparation solution in the market... and a comprehensive solution requires comprehensive and easy to read documentation for installers and operators alike. The standard CardInk documentation includes the following:

  • Administrator's Manual
  • Data Preparation with Encrypted Data & Data Preparation Tool Guide
  • DLL Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • EMV® CA User Guide (for testing)
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Key Import and Export
  • Input Specification & Output Specification
  • PIN Handling
  • Security Architecture
  • Technical White Paper
  • Troubleshooting Guide

CardInk comes with more than twenty technical documents, so there is almost certainly a document to cover any aspect of the data preparation related issuing process.

Understanding Compliance and Regulations

Through our experience of working with issuing customers for more than ten years along with our experience of auditing card payment bureaux on behalf of a major payment scheme we know what steps customers need to take to set-up a secure solution that complies with guidelines and specifications to achieve a swift and hassle free move to EMV®. Our experience in this area ensures cost savings and a shortened time to market.

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A flexible issuing experience

CardInk supports any issuing environment and is the only major system that is HSM vendor and card platform independent.

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Case Study

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Case Study

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