Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Crypto Key Management System - Part 3

Part 3: Choosing the Right Key Management System

In this concluding part, we will examine the business case for introducing a new key management system and define 20 criteria to help you select the optimal solution for both your current and future needs.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Crypto Key Management System - Part 2

Part 2: The Requirement for a Key Management System

In Part 1of this three-part article, we introduced the concept of key management and the functions and benefits of a key management system. In this part, we will consider how the requirement for a new key management system arises and then explore the underlying business drivers and benefits of such a system in each scenario.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Crypto Key Management System - Part 1

Part 1: What is a Key Management System?

In this, the first part of a three-part article, we start off by looking at what key management is, the function of a key management system and the benefits it provides.

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Classification of Cryptographic Keys

This article is intended as a primer on the classification of cryptographic keys used for securing digital applications.

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Digital by Default – The EU’s fully electronic public sector

The European Commission has been hard at work pushing out policies and guidelines to address the few remaining issues in its move towards a truly unified and digital Single Market.

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HSMs and Key Management: Effective Key Security

Appropriate management of cryptographic keys is essential for the application of cryptography. This is often aided by the use of a hardware security module (HSM), a dedicated hardware machine with an embedded processor that offers cryptographic services to users, applications, and computers in a network, and which explicitly protects cryptographic keys at every phase of their life cycle.

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eIDAS and the new European Interoperability Framework – One step closer to the Single Market

The public sector accounts for a quarter of all employment and a fifth of the entire economic output of the European Union. Given the economic and social contributions of the public sector as well as it’s critical contributions as a regulator, it remains a key target for reform and a centrepiece for the push towards a Single Digital Market.

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Key Management – A Question of Ownership

This article looks at the problems associated with key management that are common in many businesses today, where there is no clear ownership; then it examines the benefits of a centralized key management system and offers advice on building the business case to demonstrate both operational cost savings and a reduction in corporate risk.

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Turning Cryptography into a Service - Part 2

Part 2 – Accelerating Time-to-Market

 With the increase in e-commerce and electronic communications on the one hand, and the growing challenges of cybercrime and data protection regulation on the other hand, cryptography is becoming an increasingly important business enabler.

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