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UK Survey Reveals the Need for eIDAS Qualified Electronic Signatures

UK Survey Reveals the Need for eIDAS Qualified Electronic Signatures

The Conveyancing Association (CA) in the UK has revealed the findings of its 2022 Lender Survey, which it strongly believes will assist in identifying areas where the industry can collaborate to enhance the mortgage and conveyancing process. Within these findings, Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) play a large part by streamlining processes that are not only compliant with UK Law, but also across the EU, and in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

On 13th July 2022, The Conveyancing Association - the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry - published a number of findings from its 2022 Lender Survey. This was conducted to determine how the sector can work together to enhance the mortgage and conveyancing process.

One of the top results was the enthusiasm for the increased use of remote Qualified Electronic Signatures. 80% of respondents agreed that having the ability to sign dispositions such as mortgage deeds and transfers by using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) would significantly improve the customer journey.

Mortgage Disruption

eIDAS certified Remote Signing Platform for a Major Trust Service Provider

Cryptomathic believes that a large number of respondents - 80% - who want QES to become an integral part of their day is down to dated day-to-day business processes and the general inefficiencies of the current loan approval process. These processes need to be both simplified and streamlined.

In another article (Qualified Electronic Signing for Digital Mortgage Disruption and why a Wet Signature is ‘so last year), we discuss the rationale behind why digital disruption is resulting in digital mortgage lenders entering the market and how this is such a large driver behind why electronic signing plays a critical part in the mortgage process.

Innovating The UK Mortgage Process

The Law Commissions expert Industry Working Group (IWG) on Electronic Document Execution of Documents published their interim report on 1 February 2022, with the aim to generate best practice guidelines, including the adoption of electronic signatures, notably QES. It will also be consistent with the position in other European countries where these are supplied to people as part of their national identification schemes.

This article Qualified Digital Signing: The Electronic Execution of Documents in England & Wales, provides further insight into the current situation in England and Wales and how electronic signatures can be used in all types of electronic transactions.


The change in consumer expectations and regulatory landscape means that mortgage competition is intensifying. Digital transformation is a priority for businesses within the mortgage space that are looking to differentiate themselves from other mainstream providers. Adopting a fully digital process and using qualified electronic signatures enhances customer experience and security as well as builds digital trust.

Cryptomathic Signer is a remote QES solution, incorporating Cryptomathic's certified Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD), which abstracts all the complexity and helps all industries to provide a smooth digital signing experience to their clients.


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