Remote Signing Pioneers LuxTrust and Cryptomathic Deepen Partnership

by Stefan J.K. Hansen on 04. March 2019

More than a decade ago, Cryptomathic and LuxTrust, then a newly formed trust service provider (TSP), decided to invest in the development of cloud-based electronic signing technology, in anticipation of future demand from Luxembourg’s digital ecosystem. At the time local signing devices, in the form of smart cards and USB tokens, were dominant and the only widely available means of establishing the highest level of electronic signing assurance. 

The two firms recognised that, eventually, cloud infrastructure and supporting legislation would evolve to be capable of supporting remote electronic signing services that offered higher levels of user-convenience and mobility than local devices could provide, and at a lower cost and without any assurance sacrifice. 

Today, this shared vision has paid dividends. Together, Cryptomathic and LuxTrust have enabled 100% of Luxembourg citizens to routinely use their LuxTrust personal digital identity to remotely authenticate and sign both transactions and legally binding electronic documents with an unrivalled level of trust; a service enjoyed as a routine function within everyday eBanking and eGovernment activities.

Both Cryptomathic and LuxTrust are established voices in remote signing standardization committees and often set the benchmark in Europe for cloud signing. LuxTrust is a qualified Trust Service Provider under the terms of the European eIDAS regulation and Cryptomathic is recognised as a technology leader in this space. Its flagship Signer product is on the eIDAS approved list of Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs).

Continuing in the pioneering spirit, LuxTrust and Cryptomathic are now paving the way for growth beyond Luxembourg and into neighbouring countries. The two firms have recently signed a new agreement that formalises this expanded scope; Cryptomathic has extended its functional capabilities and now will be able to provide broader geographical support to LuxTrust which, itself, has also secured accelerated growth by joining the InfoCert Group in a joint strategic goal to create a pan-European Qualified TSP.New Call-to-action

Pascal Rogiest, CEO, LuxTrust comments: “Our early partnership with Cryptomathic established a very strong foundation that has enabled us to innovate and transform the solution in line with the changing landscape. Over the last decade, both the prevailing technologies and the governing legal framework have evolved beyond recognition. Thanks to our strong start, we have built real momentum and managed to stay ahead of the curve. Now we are looking to broaden our horizons together, developing Qualified Digital Trust solutions.”

Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH adds: “Things are accelerating quickly now and the market continues to challenge us, but the opportunities are huge. As the world’s digital transformation continues the need for remote electronic signing services with the highest assurance level is growing. As the number of users continues to rise, together with the number of transactions users perform, more keys and more sophisticated systems are needed to manage the increased volume. Partnerships which have a proven capacity for innovation, like the one with LuxTrust, will be increasingly important. We look forward to moving the market forward together in the coming years.”


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Cover Image: "aIMG_2560" by courtesy of Darij & Ana (Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

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