Stefan J.K. Hansen

Stefan Hansen is a Global Marketing VP at Cryptomathic and oversees Cryptomathic's marketing operations. As a Marketing Geek, Stefan's understanding of the technological aspects of Cryptomathic's solutions is second only to his appreciation of the subtleties of marketing. His expertise includes Digital & Content Marketing, Event Management, Product Marketing and Project Management (and 90's hip hop). Stefan holds a BA (Hons) in Marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Remote Signing Pioneers LuxTrust and Cryptomathic Deepen Partnership

More than a decade ago, Cryptomathic and LuxTrust, then a newly formed trust service provider (TSP), decided to invest in the development of cloud-based electronic signing technology, in anticipation of future demand from Luxembourg’s digital ecosystem. At the time local signing devices, in the form of smart cards and USB tokens, were dominant and the only widely available means of establishing the highest level of electronic signing assurance. 

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Signing the way to eIDAS Compliance

With the advent of comprehensive regulatory standards for remote electronic signatures within the EU, it is now possible for international contracts and transactions to get signed without delay, saving thousands of €/£/$ in travel expenses, reducing paperwork and enabling the processing of documents more easily, securely and environmentally friendly.

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Is non-repudiation really non-repudiable with digital signatures?

Non-repudiation is a legal concept that is widely used in information security. It refers to any service, which provides proof of the origin of data and the integrity of the data. In other words, non-repudiation makes it very difficult to successfully deny who/where a message came from as well as the authenticity of that message.

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Enabling legally binding e-signatures on mobile devices

The ever-growing number of applications and uses for mobile devices has long been a hot topic. Using mobiles to electronically sign transactions and documents is one such use case, and many organisations have been looking for mobile e-signature solutions, which could hold legal ground in court. 

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US Court Rejects DocuSign E-Signatures as method to provide Digital Authorization

An interesting case rose in the state of California this year regarding a bankruptcy lawyer who utilized DocuSign for many official legal documents. 

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