Ulrich Scholten (guest) & Stefan Hansen

Ulrich Scholten is an internationally active entrepreneur and scientist. He holds a PhD in information technology and owns several patents on cloud-based sensors. His research on cloud computing is regularly published in highly rated journals and conference papers. From 2008 - 2015, he was associated research scientist at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI), a partnership by KIT and IBM, where he researched network effects around web-platforms together with SAP Research.

Stefan Hansen is a Global Marketing VP at Cryptomathic and oversees Cryptomathic's marketing operations. As a Marketing Geek, Stefan's understanding of the technological aspects of Cryptomathic's solutions is second only to his appreciation of the subtleties of marketing. His expertise includes Digital & Content Marketing, Event Management, Product Marketing and Project Management (and 90's hip hop). Stefan holds a BA (Hons) in Marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Customer Demand Helps to Co-Shape Banking Security and Cryptography Architecture

Client behaviors and expectations are behind the transformation that is currently reshaping the new banking security architecture. While clients want more digital banking and financial services, they still look to a bank’s physical presence as one that is symbolic for building trust, credibility, and the reputation of the institution.

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Payment & Banking: Why IBM z/OS Needs a Banking-grade KMS for the Hybrid Cloud

The IBM mainframe series (“z-series”) has become a backbone for security, privacy and resilience in a large share of payment and banking related applications across the globe. This article explains why a cryptographic key management system (KMS) that supports the hybrid-cloud is a prerequisite to effective and compliant security management of these mainframes.

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BYOK for MS Azure KEY Vault - Helping Banks Take Control of Their Keys for MS Azure, Dynamics, and Office 365

This article explores how Cryptomathic CKMS combines BYOK for the MS Azure Key Vault with banking-grade key lifecycle management; to address the concerns banks have regarding key management in the public cloud.

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eIDAS - What You See is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) for Non-Repudiation

What You See is What Your Sign (WYSIWYS) is a term that is used to describe an enhanced level of data integrity within a digital signature system. Its purpose is to ensure that the content of a signed message cannot be altered, whether intentionally or accidentally (non-repudiation).

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Remote Signing Services for Banks, TSPs and Industrial Customers - An Overview

eIDAS provides the technical and legal framework needed for electronic identification and digital signatures to allow the banking industry to digitize its processes fully. This article introduces the technology needed for remote signing at the level of a qualified electronic signature (QES).

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Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to AWS Enlarges Scope of Manoeuvre for Financial Institutions

This article discusses how Cryptomathic CKMS addresses concerns that financial institutions may have regarding key management in the cloud - by bringing banking-grade lifecycle key management and BYOK to Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a hybrid-cloud banking architecture.

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Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to the Google Cloud Brings New Opportunities to Financial Institutions

This article discusses the concerns surrounding key management for cloud environments and how Cryptomathic addresses them by bringing banking-grade cryptographic key management to the Google Cloud - in the context of a hybrid-cloud banking architecture.

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Key Management: New Digital Models for Banks and New Security Models, Too

In rethinking their strategies, traditional banks have eight digital business model options to consider in order to remain competitive against untraditional newcomers to the industry.

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Retail Banking - A Stacked Platform Future with Next Generation Security

Consumer behavior have shown a dramatic shift toward a preference for seamless digital banking solutions. Many banking customers now want simple and reliable products and services from their banks and other financial institutions.

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