Crypto doesn't have to be complicated. Don't settle for manual procedures, siloed project-specific security or complex APIs. Forget the past, welcome to the future.

Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) is a cryptographic control center, which acts as an HSM service and crypto policy management interface, that delivers and manages crypto for any application in your business. It solves over 50 common application crypto problems, including integration, data encryption, tokenization, transaction authorization, signing and key management.

CSG benefits the smallest of applications, yet scales effortlessly to deliver crypto to the entire enterprise. Discover huge cost and time savings by doing crypto the right way.

Regain control of your organisation's crypto and benefit from a robust, scalable and cost-saving management platform.

Read the case study to see why Barclays Bank chose CSG as their strategic enterprise crypto service.

Solve your
crypto challenges

  • Shorten time to market with easy to use interfaces for developers
  • Control everything from one place
  • Manage keys for all applications
  • Solve compliance headaches with centralized audit logs
  • Streamline management of all major HSM brands

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Crypto Service Gateway

Deliver fast, straightforward and cost-effective crypto

Learn how CSG can speed up projects, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

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CSG customers are mainly large companies in technology manufacturing, finance and cloud services. Our customers include international players such as Almerys, Barclays and Nvidia.

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Case Study - Barclays

Read the case study to see why Barclays Bank chose CSG as their strategic enterprise crypto service.

Business Benefits

Understand how Crypto Service gateway offers tremendous advantages over alternative technology. 


At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as longstanding clients.