Tricia Wittig (guest)

eIDAS: Driving Business Through Transparency

eIDAS has brought a breath of fresh air to a darker aspect of the technological sector; it’s taken a subject that is sometimes surrounded by a cloud of mystery and confusion (that of security and encryption) and infused it with transparency.

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eIDAS: How Greater Interoperability Enables Business Cooperation

eIDAS will not only usher in a new era of innovation and transparency in how organizations do business, but this regulation is also paving the way for new levels of interoperability amidst agencies, companies, and their partners and clients.

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Will eIDAS spur innovation for your company?

Technology is constantly introducing the business world to new tools, processes, and analytics that transform the way people conduct business. However, many European organizations are holding back from pursuing further innovation because they are concerned about security or regulatory repercussions, in particularly when moving business processes online that require electronic signing.

Can eIDAS bridge the gap and stimulate innovation by providing a predictable regulatory environment that enables secure and seamless electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities? Or will it rather be just another regulation that hinders innovation?

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