Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen is a Software developer and quantum cryptography specialist at Cryptomathic. Since 2015 he has been working on Cryptomathic Signer where he is the technical expert on the common criteria certification. Thomas holds a Ph.d. from the cryptography group at University of Aarhus under the supervision of world renowned cryptographer and Cryptomathic co-founder, Ivan Damgaard.

How Cryptomathic Signer differs from other eIDAS compliant remote signing solutions

As part of the global drive for digital transformation, legally binding digital signatures are at the forefront of many businesses’ ambitions to provide an enhanced and complete digital customer journey. Even though most people can understand the general concept of digital signatures, reaching the highest level of assurance with a Qualified Electronic Signature contains quite a few things to consider.

Here we provide a high-level comparison between Cryptomathic Signer and other eIDAS remote signing solutions available in the market.

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Attacks on PDF Certification and the impact on Approval Signatures

In May 2021, researchers published two attacks on certified PDFs, which enabled unintentional and fraudulent modifications to be applied to signed documents. Here we provide a brief summary of the attacks and explain why documents that are digitally signed using Cryptomathic Signer and its WYSIWYS technology is not susceptible to these attacks.

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