Mike Bond

EMV: The Fraud Bulldozer

These days everyone has a stake in Chip and PIN security - it can be the topic of the over-the-counter conversation as you pay, of the boardroom executives at a bank, or over a pint at the pub. So how is EMV, the electronic payments standard underlying Chip and PIN shaping up? And what is the modern landscape of payments fraud? Here, Mike Bond, Technical Director at Cryptomathic, shares his opinion.  

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epassport inspection: The Need for Speed

Ever since the EU mandated the introduction of biometric ePassports containing fingerprints there has been a flurry of technology development and innovation to make biometric ePassports a reality. Much of this played out behind the scenes, but now electronic passports are slowly working their way towards the forefront of the public consciousness since they are sufficiently widespread for researchers and journalists to play with. There have already been a number of security scare stories where

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