Michal Tabor (guest)

Michal is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and expert in the area of Trust Services, Electronic Identification and e-Administration. He is an active blogger and PKI 2.0 Evangelist. Michal contributes to the development and implementation of standards for Trust Services in Europe as full member of the ETSI.

The new ETSI standard for eIDAS qualified certificates supporting the PSD2 directive

In November 2018, ETSI published the new version of standard ETSI TS 119 495 - Sector Specific Requirements Qualified Certificate Profiles and TSP Policy Requirements under the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366. The standard was expected by financial institutions and trust services to allow secure communication in the context of Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2).

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The eIDAS-compliant Printout of a Digitally Signed Document

This article describes a model that could enable an electronically signed document to be printed out and used as an original in legal proceedings, in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

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eIDAS: Qualified Certificates supporting PSD2

The Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) allows non-banks to provide payment services which before were reserved for banks only. The market of services initiating a payment transaction or getting information about account balance will grow, and will also be open for new business models and technologies. The Directive and its implementation standards require all transactions to be handled through secure channels and all data shall be protected regarding authenticity and integrity.

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Electronic Seals according to eIDAS

 eSeal - solution for legal persons

The eIDAS regulation introduced Electronic Seals as a solution for legal entities, allowing them to protect authenticity and integrity of electronic documents and data. An Electronic Seal is based on the same technology as an Electronic Signature and also can be Advanced and Qualified. A Qualified Electronic Seal is verified with Qualified Certificate.

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Certificates supporting the Payment Services Directive PSD2

The PSD2 Directive opens a considerable market for new solutions in e-banking, account information services and payment initiation services.

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Electronic transactions based on the federation of electronic identification systems - a Polish perspective

The growth of electronic identification systems has been different for each European country during the past several years. European countries have different eID solutions based on whether the issuer is a government or a private eID provider. This article discusses the Federation of eID providers in Poland, which has become the national identification scheme. 

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