James H. Reinholm (guest)

James H. Reinholm is an American scientist and author in the fields of Information Technology. In recent time he has been focusing on miniaturized devices with wireless capability. James holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering by the University of Michigan.

Encryption Key Management Challenges for IaaS in the Cloud

This article discusses key management methods for the IaaS Cloud model, and security problems to be dealt with because of its virtualization structure.

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Key Management Systems - Recommended Capabilities & Functions

Typical Services Provided by Key Management Systems

Key management is the administration of tasks involved in all aspects of cryptographic key usage in a cryptosystem. This includes dealing with the generation, distribution, exchange, storage, use, and replacement of keys. All aspects of security should be covered for the life-cycle of a key, from key generation to replacement, storage, or disposal. Each key must also be protected during its life-time to prevent unauthorized disclosure, modification, substitution, replay, and improper use. Likewise, the functions used in key management must be prevented from such unauthorized use.

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