Heather Walker (guest)

Heather Walker is a senior consultant in EY's Financial Services (FSO) Strategy group with 5 years of experience in strategic transformation. She has worked on numerous projects at large US and global banks, clearing corporations, and insurance companies. Heather is passionate about technological and operational strategy, and has worked within EY's Digital practice to create several large service offerings within financial services including cloud strategy, DevOps, and application modernization. Heather has received her Masters in Information Systems from Georgia State University, and worked with the Enterprise IT Portfolio Office at the CDC on the business case and design of a collaboration platform for all SDLC processes across departments.

Digital Identity - How Social Media Is Changing How We Authenticate Our Identity

Throughout the last decade, social media has played a vital part in our lives and has significantly shaped the younger generations. Read more

Implementing Digital Authentication in accordance with the new NIST guidelines (SP 800-63-3)

In 2016, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (run by the US Department of Commerce) announced they were producing a new publication which would overhaul their previous guidance for digital authentication – which was released on August 30th.

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Digital signatures in mobile banking and payment processing

Over the past 8-10 years, we’ve witnessed a huge rise in the use and application of mobile banking. At first we could check our account balances and activity from the internet and bank-specific applications. Not too far down the road, we were able to deposit mobile checks without having to run into brick and mortar locations.

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How eIDAS affects the USA

On July 1st 2016, eIDAS was introduced in the EU to replace the almost 20 year old European Signatures Directive. The directive was originally built with the intent to encourage the adoption of electronic signatures, and provide a legal framework by which member states could implement for consistency.

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E-signatures in elections: The key to preventing voter fraud?

Election season in the US is upon us - and with it, comes the typical questions of how to secure ballots and prevent voter fraud. In the US, UK, and many other countries there are endless numbers of instances demonstrating cases of electoral fraud.

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How Digital Signatures and Blockchains Can Work Together

Everywhere you turn in the security world, an interesting word keeps popping up: “Blockchain”. Just like the word “cloud”, this concept has taken hold of the security industry and has become one of the hottest emerging technologies. But what exactly is it?

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Looking at the Future of e-Invoicing in US Government Agencies

Governments and organizations across the globe have begun shifting to electronic invoicing, driven by mandates coming from the European Commission, the US Federal Reserve Bank (of Minneapolis), and many over governing bodies.

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A key component for e-government security: central signing and authentication

Year after year, more stories surface about large scale data loss from e-government systems across the world.

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