David McNeal (guest)

eIDAS Electronic Signatures: Qualified vs Advanced - When to choose what and why

The Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (EU Regulation 910/2014/EC - also known as eIDAS) is a complex set of laws (including technical standards) that raise the bar for providing electronic trust services throughout all EU member states. This article tries to help in the decision making process of choosing between implementing Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signatures in the context of eIDAS.

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Which Trust Service Providers Support Remote QES Services?

The following content is an introduction to trust services and remote Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) according to the eIDAS regulation and standards. This article is aimed at highlighting what a trust service provider (TSP) is and the valuable benefits of remote QES and other trust services.

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The benefits of an automated and centralized key management system

The aim of this article is inform you on how to implement proper key management and to answer 3 important questions regarding centralized and automated key management:

  1. What is Centralized Key Management?
  2. How can a centralized system help meet regulatory compliance?
  3. How can automation further improve the life cycle management of keys?
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