Mobile Security

Mobile computing is becoming pervasive: Handheld devices are slowly, but surely becoming our personal must-haves beyond anything we have seen before. As mobile hand-sets have taken over how we write email and access the web, they are increasingly becoming tools of authentication as well our virtual wallets, containing anything from credit cards to personal information on largely insecure, mobile and always connected handheld devices.

As a company that prides itself with usability in security, it is a wonderful challenge to be part of delivering the future in mobile security.

Within the mobile security space, Cryptomathic provides:

  • Host Card Emulation app security
  • 2-Factor authentication apps
  • NFC / contactless Payment Scheme security
  • Mobile payments issuance (CardInk)
  • Mobile wallets and TSM (Trusted Security Module) Key Management
  • Mobile App Security Core - Software security platform for payment apps


In this space, Cryptomathic serves the World's largest payment schemes, the largest financial services providers and the largest eID / eBank / eGov holistic schemes provided to date.

Cryptomathic products used in the mobile security sector are centred around three groups:

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