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Cryptomathic Launches The First 'Cryptography as a Service' Solution

Cryptomathic Launches The First 'Cryptography as a Service' Solution

Cambridge, UK - 29  February  2012


Cryptomathic has launched its Crypto Service Gateway; the market's first viable solution to deliver cryptography as a service (CaaS). As security requirements continue to be driven by industry and national regulation, application advancements and malicious e-threats, CaaS provides substantial resource savings by centralising and automating cryptography to optimise the security infrastructure and effectively manage cryptographic hardware and software.

Of particular interest to banks and government organisations, which manage immense amounts of secure applications and data, the Crypto Service Gateway provides a unified view of all cryptographic systems. It consists of a cluster of cryptographic servers that sit between the cryptographic software and / or Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)  - which provide secure cryptographic processing - and the applications requiring encryption. This allows a wide variety of applications that need data security to share the same HSMs and cryptographic infrastructure. The number of HSMs used by an organisation is reduced by more than 50% and all applications can easily be integrated into the same security cloud environment.

A centralised graphic user interface offers authorised personnel access to comprehensive tools that manage the gateway, including secure configuration, policy management and activity monitoring. This streamlines processes such as key management, cryptography hardware maintenance, security updates and testing. Transparent auditing tools assist organisations in obtaining and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Morten Landrock, Managing Director at Cryptomathic, comments: "Cryptographic expertise is expensive as security professionals need to have very specific industry experience and knowledge. In addition to this, HSMs are very costly and organisations often duplicate security infrastructures across different projects to satisfy audits and compliance requirements. As the number of secure applications and data managed by organisations continues to increase, such technical inefficiencies will become completely unsustainable."

Landrock explains that the development of this concept and delivering cryptography in-the-cloud came through Cryptomathic's work with a leading UK high street bank, and a global provider of IT solutions to the retail and banking industry; both have trialled and implemented the solution. He adds: "Cryptomathic has been delivering e-security solutions for 25 years and understands the ever-increasing complexities of the market. We predict this gateway will revolutionise the way organisations approach cryptography by optimising the technology infrastructure while simplifying, centralising and automating security. For example, our solution enables programme architects to focus on writing application software and then flawlessly implement the cryptographic components through the Crypto Service Gateway. This avoids human errors, integration delays and compliance issues."

Cryptomathic's CaaS gateway is vendor neutral, can easily integrate with third party components and adheres to the latest industry standards.  It is scalable to future requirements and can be set-up to meet individual organisational needs.