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Swisscom & Cryptomathic Partner On Remote e-Signature Service

Swisscom & Cryptomathic Partner On Remote e-Signature Service

The “Selected Signing Service“ offers the highest flexibility and transparency for customers across Europe to provide Qualified Electronic Signatures.

Cryptomathic and Swisscom Trust Services, the only European provider of a Qualified Electronic Signature for both the European regulation (eIDAS) and Switzerland’s legislation (ZertES), today announce a joint new signature service. The Selected Signing Service combines the qualified certificate of Swisscom Trust Services with the Cryptomathic Signer solution and allows electronic signatures to be seamlessly integrated into existing business workflows while granting validity across Europe on a qualified level.

Customers benefit from an easy-to-integrate e-signature service, fulfilling the highest standards of data protection and security including the Common Criteria Evaluation. At the same time companies retain a high level of flexibility, since they can still use their existing solutions for identification (i.e. video or face-to-face identification) and authentication (i.e. via App or SMS). By installing the WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Sign) component in their own environment, an interface with Signer is established which receives the valid certificate from Swisscom Trust Services’ secured data center. As a result, customers can utilize a certified signature solution while reducing their time-to-market as well as their preliminary costs, both for e-signatures and for the digitalization of processes.

The joint solution is just the starting point for a long-term partnership that enables customers to choose their best-of-breed model depending on their requirements, region, industry and business model.  

“Swisscom Trust Services is a global leader in the provision of Trust Services,” comments Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH. “To offer the quality required by the Swiss and European market, our partnership requirements regarding service level, compliance and flexibility are uncompromising. We’re delighted to have established such a strong partnership with an organization that rightly enjoys an excellent reputation.”

“Over the last 30 years, Cryptomathic has gained a reputation as a driver of innovation and, through intense collaboration, has contributed significantly to several standards for data security in Europe and throughout the rest of the world,” commented Ingolf Rauh, Head Product Management Swisscom Trust Services.

“The partnership is a significant enhancement to our respective service portfolios. The combination of competencies strengthens Europe’s reputation as an economically fertile region for digital business models enabling innovation, security and reliability.”


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