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LuxTrust & Cryptomathic Partner to Deliver e-Signatures in the cloud

LuxTrust & Cryptomathic Partner to Deliver e-Signatures in the cloud

- 14  January  2014

Cryptomathic has announced that LuxTrust, Luxembourg's primary provider of digital identity and data security services, has implemented Cryptomathic Signer. The solution provides a nationwide e-Signature service that enables residents to securely and conveniently access banking and government web services, and digitally sign legally binding transactions or online forms from any location.

The central signing scheme allows Luxembourg residents to use their standard credentials and a single user-friendly authentication mechanism to access multiple online applications from any organisation connected to the LuxTrust service. An essential component for the service is the Cryptomathic Signer, a pioneering central server that delivers advanced digital signatures with virtual chip cards.

Signer's patented technology, enables this unique service by combining public key infrastructure (PKI) and two-factor authentication (2FA) to provide legally permissible digital signatures while drastically improving cost-efficiency and usability. This technological break-through is now paving the way for new legislation on advanced e-signature adoption models for European Union members and is also implemented across Denmark and Norway.

In order to make the service a success, LuxTrust approached Cryptomathic for its experience in innovation to solve the challenge of establishing legal value by leveraging the  strong security provided by PKI and the flexibility, cost-efficiency and usability offered by 2FA, while avoiding the limitations of using the technologies separately.

The Cryptomathic and LuxTrust partnership delivers the distinctive e-signature and authentication service that improves workflow and customer satisfaction. Signer's exclusive security architecture stores the user's private signature key in the central LuxTrust secured server, which removes the requirement for users to have connected smart cards and readers - thereby providing them with full mobility. In order to access the signing service securely, users authenticate themselves against Authenticator, Cryptomathic's complementary 2FA server. This uses a combination of a traditional password with a range of multifactor authentication mechanisms.

Pierre Zimmer, Managing Director at LuxTrust, explains: "LuxTrust is actively embracing the changing legal environments surrounding electronic services and identity management. We approached Cryptomathic to help us to address the challenging issue of providing strong security for sensitive documents, without impacting the business case. The combined solution of Signer and Authenticator offers a high level of security to our customers and significantly enhances the end-user experience."

Peter Landrock, Founder and Executive Chairman at Cryptomathic, comments: "Cryptomathic and LuxTrust have worked together for many years and we are delighted to be supporting the company with enhancing its services and products. LuxTrust is driven by technological innovation, improving business flow and securing digital infrastructure, and is well versed in meeting current and future market requirements. We look forward to working with LuxTrust for many years to come."


To find out more about the partnership, view the case study at /customers/case-studies