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LuxTrust & Cryptomathic Raise e-Signature Assurance in Luxembourg

LuxTrust & Cryptomathic Raise e-Signature Assurance in Luxembourg

Reconfirms Luxembourg’s unrivalled position at the forefront of digital identity services in Europe

From today, LuxTrust users (representing over 95% of Luxembourg’s active population) will benefit from the highest possible level of e-signature security in the EU when they remotely sign documents and transactions during their day to day use of the country’s wide range of digital services.

This highest-assurance level for Luxembourgers has been made possible by LuxTrust, the leading European qualified Trust Service Provider and certification authority that supports Luxembourg’s public and private sector digital services and by Cryptomathic, technology provider and pioneer in remote signature and non-repudiation. 

This significant step forward follows the completion of LuxTrust’s technical migration to an eIDAS-certified QSCD version of Signer, Cryptomathic’s remote qualified digital signature solution, which has enabled LuxTrust to upgrade all of its clients (citizens and businesses) to the highest eIDAS-qualified level, according to the EU regulation’s requirements.

“Luxembourg’s digital economy already provides businesses and individuals with an unusually high number of government, institutional and private sector digital services,” comments Pascal Rogiest, CEO, LuxTrust. “Our partnership with Cryptomathic has enabled us to upgrade our electronic-signature services and to ensure that all users can now benefit from the highest level of legal protection when remotely authenticating and signing transactions and legally binding electronic documents. This achievement puts the Luxembourg digital ecosystem at the forefront in Europe; it is the only nationwide digital identity system to reach qualified level.”

Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH, comments: “This is a significant milestone in Luxembourg’s digitalisation journey. The global need to support social distancing measures has dramatically accelerated every country’s use of digital services and heightened the need for gold standard security in remote transaction and document signing. With this project now complete, citizens, businesses and institutions in Luxembourg can perform e-signatures carrying the same legal value as those performed face-to-face, by hand. Luxembourg is now setting the pace here. Cryptomathic is delighted to be playing such a meaningful and sustainable role in the country’s digital development.”

LuxTrust’s complete transition to the eIDAS-qualified level was made possible thanks a long-standing cooperation with Cryptomathic, a pioneer and technology leader in the field of remote signing and What You See Is What You Sign. Its flagship product, Cryptomathic Signer, was first rolled out by LuxTrust 15 years ago, and has since been developed and enhanced to be certified and approved as an eIDAS Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD).


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