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Eurocert Chooses Cryptomathic Signer and Esysco for Remote QES

Eurocert Chooses Cryptomathic Signer and Esysco for Remote QES

European clients of Polish Qualified Trust Services Provider can now become ‘100% digital’, remotely enrolling in services and signing contracts with the highest levels of security assurance, privacy and non-repudiation under European law.

Remote electronic signature specialist, Cryptomathic, today announces that its popular e-signature platform, Signer, has been chosen by leading Polish digital trust services provider, Eurocert, to extend its capabilities in remote qualified electronic signature (QES) services.

Using Signer, Eurocert can enable its public and private sector clients to securely access online applications and digitally sign legally binding documents at any time and from anywhere, significantly reducing the complexity and cost commonly associated with securely managing sensitive digital material between independent parties and legal entities.

“Eurocert’s clients need the highest probative value when communicating digitally with third parties, which is exactly what we provide with Signer,” comments Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH. “To complete their digitalization journey, banks, insurance companies and other organisations require a remote signing capability that complies with national and international laws on identification and signatures for proof of explicit commitment. Now, they can finally agree legal documents and contracts without the need to be physically present, or to rely on vulnerable paper-based alternatives. It’s a big step forward for the Polish and, indeed, the European digital economy.”

The remote QES service has been delivered in concert with Cryptomathic partner, ESYSCO, which provided integration services together with a web application PDF signing portal and a cardless desktop application for signing locally with keys being kept remotely. In the next phase, a remote video identification solution for simplified and mobile customer onboarding will also be implemented.

Lukasz Konikiewicz, CEO, Eurocert comments: “Cryptomathic has unique expertise in the digital signature field and we are proud to enhance our offering with a Qualified Electronic Signature service based on their Signer technology. Their partnership with ESYSCO has delivered a seamless integration process and their support teams are outstanding, quickly providing expert advice to any challenges we faced during implementation. Eurocert can now serve our clients with a best in class remote signing service, which they can use to get an edge on the competition.”

The Eurocert implementation follows news in late November 2019 that Signer had been officially recognized as providing the highest possible level of security following its Common Criteria certification to the new eIDAS protection profile for remote Qualified Electronic Signatures. Not only does Signer join an elite few remote Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs) to be certified against the new profile, it is also the first solution to place the Signature Activation Module (SAM) inside the Hardware Security Module (HSM). This means the signing payload can only be executed from inside the protected cryptographic environment, making it significantly more resistant to attack, including from insiders. Signer also offers What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) functionality, which provides strong non-repudiation and addresses long term validation signature profiles for XML or PDF documents. The combination of these factors elevates Signer to a high-assurance level that is unmatched anywhere else in the e-signature industry.