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Cryptomathic joins Cloud Signature Consortium as Executive Member

Cryptomathic joins Cloud Signature Consortium as Executive Member

As a leader in qualified remote signing, Cryptomathic is pleased to announce that it has joined the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), a global group of industry, government and academic organizations committed to driving the standardization and interoperability of secure and compliant digital signatures in the cloud, as an Executive Member.

The European Union’s Regulation on Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) introduced a clear need for a global standard to ensure interoperability between all stakeholders in the digital signature community. The Cloud Signature Consortium was formed to answer this need by developing common protocols to bring secure digital signature services to cloud-based applications for billions of users across web and mobile.

As an Executive Member, Cryptomathic will integrate Signer, its remote Qualified Electronic Signature solution, with the CSC’s latest API protocol. This integration will foster greater interoperability between Signer and the third-party providers and solutions required to enable secure and compliant digital signature processes in the cloud. Once complete, users of CSC-certified applications will be able to take advantage of the key features of the Signer solution with greater ease. This includes its What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) functionality, which provides strong non-repudiation and addresses long-term validation signature profiles for XML or PDF documents, and its high-assurance level, underpinned by its Common Criteria certification under the eIDAS protection profile 419241-2 for remote Qualified Electronic Signatures.

As an industry leader, Cryptomathic will also take an active role in the further development of the CSC API – a powerful yet flexible API specification for cloud-based trust services – as part of its commitment to support the advancement of technical excellence, security and interoperability for trusted e-signatures worldwide.

Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH, comments: “As a pioneer of remote e-signing, Cryptomathic has a vital role to play in the development of an interoperable, digital signature ecosystem, operating at the highest standard of security possible. We have actively participated in industry standardization for several decades, including our roles in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and we are passionate about continuing to grow our contribution to the industry. As a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, we look forward to collaborating with members to continue to build on its work to date and bring secure, cloud-based digital solutions to billions of users worldwide.”

Viky Manaila, President of the Cloud Signature Consortium comments: “We would like to welcome Cryptomathic as an Executive Member of the Cloud Signature Consortium. As the Consortium was founded following the introduction of eIDAS in Europe, Cryptomathic will bring valuable industry knowledge to the group as one of standard’s original architects, which will play a key role in the future of our open standard.”

Cryptomathic is an industry leader in e-signature technology and assists multiple trust service providers and banks to enable their customers to sign documents and transactions at the highest assurance level.


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