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Cryptomathic Demonstrates its Commitment in the Middle East

Cryptomathic Demonstrates its Commitment in the Middle East

Cambridge, UK - 5  May  2011

Cryptomathic, a global e-security solutions provider, will be exhibiting at this year's Cards Middle East Exhibition to be held in Abu Dhabi on 17-18 May 2011. During the event, the company will be demonstrating its latest technology for EMV data preparation, two-factor authentication, digital signatures, key management, PKI and hardware security module (HSM) management.

With 25 years' experience, Cryptomathic is regarded as one of the world's leading providers of security solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors including finance, smart card, digital rights management and government.  On its highly skilled team are staff fluent in Arabic and that have extensive experience in delivering systems for e-banking, PKI initiatives, card personalisation, e-passport, card issuing and advanced key management.  

Professor Peter Landrock, Cryptomathic Executive Chairman and Founder, comments: "The Middle East is an exciting market to be operating in due to its vibrant economy that has embraced digital technologies. Cryptomathic prides itself not only on the strong technical expertise that we offer, but also our unique market knowledge and ability to work in many different languages. With our team currently supporting around 25 customers across Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen in their delivery of EMV solutions, we are delighted to be able to offer our clients the support of a permanent and fluent Arabic team. Long-term, Cryptomathic will continue to commit resources in this important region to ensure we fully support the market's long-term needs."

Visit Cryptomathic at stand 20 and meet Abdelouahed Elrhassir and Matt Landrock to find out more about the important role of e-security within the digital economy, get views from the team on the Middle East market and receive demonstrations on how the technology works.


Cryptomathic is a global provider of secure server solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking, government, technology manufacturing, cloud and mobile.

We pride ourselves on strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of employees working in R&D, including an international team of security experts and a number of world renowned cryptographers. At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as longstanding clients.

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