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Cryptomathic & ZetesConfidens Unite to Deliver Remote QES-as-a-service

Cryptomathic & ZetesConfidens Unite to Deliver Remote QES-as-a-service

Governments, banks and enterprises across Europe can now access everything they need to establish the highest level of non-repudiation in eIDAS-compliant remote Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) services via ZetesConfidens’ eaZyCert and eaZySign services.

Using Cryptomathic Signer, ZetesConfidens’ eaZyCert and eaZySign services provide eIDAS-compliant remote Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) as a cloud service. Easy to integrate into existing workflows, these services enable organisations to access, from one supplier, both the technology and the trust services required to deliver gold standard remote QES services, while also benefiting from the flexibility, scalability and capex efficiencies commonly associated with the lifecycle management of complex services in the cloud.

“Enabling the highest level of assurance and non-repudiation in remote eSignature services is an intricate business which, until now, has typically required banks, governments and enterprises to manage separate relationships with trust service providers and technology platform providers,” comments Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH. “eaZyCert enables customers to simplify this process, realizing immediate savings in time, money and implementation resources as a result.”

The news follows Signer’s eIDAS certification in July which, in concert with its What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) functionality, elevated Signer to a high-assurance level that is unmatched anywhere else in the remote eSignature industry. Today’s announcement means that the process of implementing and managing the gold standard in remote QES service delivery is easier than ever before.

Bart Symons, Director of ZetesConfidens, comments: “Our offering covers all aspects of the e-signature process: registration of the signatories, certificate issuance, hosting the documents on our WYSIWYS platform, the remote signature operation itself as well as an optional time stamping service. Although electronic signatures using smartcards remains popular, e.g. through the use of national eID cards, we see a growing demand for remote signing solutions. We selected Cryptomathic’s Signer remote signature technology as the platform for our eIDAS compliant signature service. We are delighted with this partnership and are looking forward to enter new markets.”

Remote signature services enable large and small organisations to enter the era of end-to-end digitalization and conduct even the most sensitive of business entirely online, securely and privately, and in full compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

"This type of electronic signing allows short-term signature certificates to be issued, often for a single-use purpose, for example when signing a rental contract or credit agreement, where a high assurance level is required,” adds Forget. “Our solution guarantees the highest possible levels of security based on a robust design that provides a sole-control channel for the signatories and delivers non-repudiation through a set of audited checks and processes."


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