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Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates Join Forces to Support Himalayan Bank

- 16  December  2014


Himalayan Bank, one of the largest private sector banks of Nepal, has implemented Cryptomathic's data preparation system, CardInk and OMA Emirates' personalisation software, NanoPerso, into its production environment to facilitate the issuance of its entire debit and credit card portfolio.

CardInk, the EMV data preparation system from e-security solutions provider Cryptomathic, has delivered the secure and versatile platform required for data generation and cryptographic key management for the secure issuance of all Himalayan Banks' payment cards, including credit, debit and contactless. The card data is automatically passed to OMA Emirates' NanoPerso solution for the cards to be personalised.

The CardInk and NanoPerso turnkey solution provides a personalisation hardware security module (HSM) and card platform independent EMV issuing system, which is used by customers across multiple continents. In addition to being hardware vendor neutral, the solution offers the highest possible combination of security and flexibility, allowing the card issuing division at Himalayan Bank to rapidly respond and adapt to changes in market and customer demands without having to engage third parties for the delivery of professional services.

Mr. Ashoke Rana, CEO of Himalayan Bank Limited remarks: "We are very pleased with the efficient service offered by Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates to enhance our card issuing capabilities in order to support the versatility that we require. With the assistance of Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates, we upgraded our issuing systems without a hitch and are already seeing significant benefits and ROI within our business."

"The combination of OMA Emirates' NanoPerso and Cryptomathic's CardInk is the perfect solution, enabling Himalayan Bank to meet all of its current and future issuing requirements," comments Amru Kotb, Senior Vice President, Middle East and Africa at Cryptomathic. "CardInk is the most functional and flexible EMV data preparation solution available, integrating into almost any production environment. CardInk is also user friendly thanks to its unique application editor, which allows for easy configuration based on in-built application templates. As CardInk is able to prepare data for several hundred cards per second, it enables Himalayan Bank to issue various cards more quickly and securely, thereby saving the bank both time and money."

Niranj Sangal, CEO of OMA Emirates, adds: "It's great to see that once again a combined Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates solution has delivered outstanding results to a satisfied customer. OMA Emirates and Cryptomathic complement each other in terms of technology and areas of expertise and today, around 20 customers around the world are using CardInk and NanoPerso together and are experiencing improved performance as a result."



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