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Cryptomathic & CPS Technologies Provide Online Banking Authentication

Cryptomathic & CPS Technologies Provide Online Banking Authentication

Lyon, France and Cambridge, UK - 7  January  2008

ABnote French subsidiary, CPS Technologies, has partnered with e-security solutions provider, Cryptomathic, to offer its financial clients robust online two-factor authentication services, from token distribution to one-time-passwords (OTP) validation and integration solutions.

The technology, which is centred around the vendor neutral Cryptomathic Authenticator, will enable CPS Technologies' clients to protect their internet banking facilities against sophisticated online financial crimes by authenticating e-banking users by means of OTP.  One of the main advantages of the solution is its flexibility with regard to authentication method, allowing banks to choose the most appropriate devices to issue to its customers.  For example, SMS, mobile readers in combination with EMV payment cards or OTP tokens are all compatible with the system.

Olivier Cau, Security and Technical Director at CPS Technologies, comments: "French banks predominately use static passwords to authenticate online customers.  However, to ensure internet transaction security and protect customers from the increasingly advanced fraudulent attacks being undertaken, CPS Technologies acknowledged that tougher measures were required.  By partnering with Cryptomathic we are now able to provide the highest level of two-factor authentication banking security, yet offer clients flexibility in how this is implemented and used by their customers."

Peter Landrock, Executive Chairman and co-Founder of Cryptomathic, adds: "Cryptomathic is delighted to be working in partnership with CPS Technologies to deliver sophisticated two-factor authentication services to the French market.  It is vital that customers feel safe when using online banking services and CPS Technologies' investment highlights its continued commitment to protecting e-bankers from financial online criminals."


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