7 Tips for Correct Usage of Encryption to Secure eGovernment Processes

Encryption has become the most essential part of securing data online. The biggest headache to the Cybersecurity industry is a data breach. The last few years have seen an increase in hacking and exposure of confidential data to individuals or cyber criminals. Lack of data protection or data encryption has been one of the major reasons behind such security breaches.

Recently, a healthcare industry data breach occurred because the company stored Social Security Numbers of 80 million customers without encrypting them. The subsequent paragraphs suggest a set of best practices that can help to improve the level of cyber security in eGovernment transactions.

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10 Tips for a Cryptographic Key Management System in the Banking Industry - a Penetration Testing Perspective

This article discusses the shortcomings and learnings from penetration testing of cryptographic key management systems for banking organizations.

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Key Management Strategies for SaaS: Avoid the pitfalls in the Cloud

This article discusses key management strategies for the SaaS cloud model, and unique security problems to be dealt with because of lack of user control.

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Encryption Key Management Challenges for IaaS in the Cloud

This article discusses key management methods for the IaaS Cloud model, and security problems to be dealt with because of its virtualization structure.

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Key Management Systems - Recommended Capabilities & Functions

Typical Services Provided by Key Management Systems

Key management is the administration of tasks involved in all aspects of cryptographic key usage in a cryptosystem. This includes dealing with the generation, distribution, exchange, storage, use, and replacement of keys. All aspects of security should be covered for the life-cycle of a key, from key generation to replacement, storage, or disposal. Each key must also be protected during its life-time to prevent unauthorized disclosure, modification, substitution, replay, and improper use. Likewise, the functions used in key management must be prevented from such unauthorized use.

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Business Requirements for Crypto Key Management - Marketplace Dynamics

We live in an information age where customers demand access to your organisations services anytime, from anywhere and via almost any medium. Invariably services are on-line and if you fail to provide them, your competitors will. The rate of change and innovation is unprecedented.

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