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What Banks should consider when migrating from magnetic stripes to EMV smart cards

04. January 2016 by Martin Eriksen

Migrating from magnetic stripes to EMV based smart cards is a challenging endeavour for banks and their IT teams. Even for small banks, necessary card data preparation rapidly overshoots the level of millions of data entries. In the frame of the migration process, banks need new systems and new processes, interweaving additional external entities.

There can be high levels of risk in the migration, including the risk of handling multiple independent service or solution providers without any overall ownership or responsibilities.

This article discusses the migration process of banks that shift from credit cards based on magnetic stripes to EMV based smart cards. It sheds light on the technology, the reasons for it, the involved players and what to plan for.

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Reducing Payment Card Fraud by Shifting over to EMV Chip Technology

21. October 2015 by James H. Reinholm (guest)

This article gives an insight into the EMV chip technology, which is being rolled out on a world-wide scale to increase the level of fraud protection in credit card transactions. It presents and discusses legal incentives for migration, security benefits, a detailed view of the sequence of steps in a transaction and a concluding discussion.
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Enhancing Payment Card Security Integrating PCI DSS with EMV Technology

30. September 2015 by James H. Reinholm (guest)

This article discusses how the security protection of payment card data used in a transaction can be maximized by integrating PCI DSS with EMV technology.


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Methods of Maximizing the Security Protection of a Cryptographic System relating to the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

29. September 2015 by James H. Reinholm (guest)

This article discusses how various factors and related controls can affect the effectiveness and strength of the security protection for a cryptographic system.

It gives particular consideration to the requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

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How Leading Banks Excel at PCI DSS through Key Management

10. August 2015 by Ashiq JA (guest)

During April 2015, PCI DSS v3.1 was released as the latest iteration for industry-wide requirements and guidelines for securing cardholder data. 

This blog post discusses the cryptographic key management techniques used in the banking industry to comply with PCI DSS.

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