Peter Smirnoff & Dawn M. Turner (guests)

What are E-Signature Validation Attacks and How to Protect Yourself in the Context of eIDAS

Ensuring that the integrity of an e-signature remains intact is crucial to protecting its attached messages or documents. This article will explain three types of e-signature validation attacks and how they can be avoided by adopting the standards for e-signatures under eIDAS.

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Enterprise-grade code signing: Securing the Signing Process

This article outlines the importance of code signing and describes a centralized approach for securing and streamlining the code signing process through technical and procedural enhancements.

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Symmetric Key Encryption - why, where and how it’s used in banking

In today’s cyber-world there is an ever-present risk of unauthorized access to all forms of data. Most at risk is financial and payment system data that can expose the personal identifying information (PII) or payment card details of customers and clients. Encryption is crucial for protecting PII and mitigating the risks that businesses which conduct payment transactions face every minute of every day.

In this article we will talk about symmetric encryption in banking, its advantages and some challenges of managing the keys.

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