Martin Rupp (guest)

ANSI X9.24-1-2017: Understanding the Card Payment Environment and the use of Symmetric Keys

The standard, ANSI X9.24-1-2017 part 1 has been written to provide minimum symmetric key management requirements and guidelines for the retail financial industry and actors involved in processing card payments.

Here we explore the different entities that form the card payment environment, as described in the norm ANSI X9.24-1-2017. We also explain why securely managing the symmetric keys used in such a context is an important way of securing transactions and, in general, of securing the whole Card Payment Environment.

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Overview of Defense Mechanisms for Mobile Banking Apps

As the use of mobile phones for mobile banking and payment applications increases, corresponding security threats are increasing as well. The majority of smart phones use only two operating systems (Android and iOS) and, therefore, they represent prey of choice for criminal groups and malevolent hackers. 

In this article, we will explain some of the defense mechanisms and security techniques involved with protecting mobile banking applications.

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An Introduction into ANSI X9.24-1-2017 part 1

ANSI X9.24-1-2017 part 1 is a standard that deals with symmetric key management techniques for retail financial services.

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How Tokenization May Reduce False Declines

This article discusses how tokenization may reduce false declines with credit card transactions that could negatively impact merchants.

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NIST & FIPS Considerations for EMV Tokenization

In this article, we will review some of the constraints of an EMV tokenization solution when it comes to FIPS and more generally, NIST considerations.

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Some of the Technologies Behind Tokenization for Card Transactions and PCI-DSS

The EMV consortium released several standards detailing how “network” tokenization should be handled. There is now a general consensus within the consortium that tokenization could be the next major task for EMV payments.

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Tokenization in Banking and Financial Services

Tokenization is a generalized concept of a cryptographic hash. It means representing something by a symbol (‘token’).

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The Challenges and advantages of EMV Tokenization

EMV is short for EUROPAY-VISA-MASTERCARD. This term is used to refer to standards that have been designed to improve the security of credit and debit card transactions by using chip technology for payment cards.

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