Asim Mehmood (guest)

Asim Mehmood is a security research engineer, holding a Master and a Bachelor of Science in Information Security.
Asim's core professional experience and competence is centered around
- Applied Classical & Modern Cryptography & Information
- Security on Linux & Windows environments.
- Development of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
- Smart card enabled Key Management System in C#.
- Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing.
- Smart Card Applications development on Windows and Linux.
- LDAP and Secure LDAP Integration in Web Applications.
Asim loves music and reading.

HSMs and Key Management: Effective Key Security

Appropriate management of cryptographic keys is essential for the application of cryptography. This is often aided by the use of a hardware security module (HSM), a dedicated hardware machine with an embedded processor that offers cryptographic services to users, applications, and computers in a network, and which explicitly protects cryptographic keys at every phase of their life cycle.

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Key Management Lifecycles compliant to PCI DSS

This article highlights the NIST key lifecycle recommendations in relation to PCI DSS compliance.

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Differences between Hash functions, Symmetric & Asymmetric Algorithms

Cryptographic algorithms can be categorized into three classes: Hash functions, Symmetric and Asymmetric algorithms. This article sheds light on their differences, purpose and main fields of application.

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PKI for EMV cards compliant to PCI DSS

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard to prevent credit card scams and numerous additional security threats & vulnerabilities.

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