Technology is obviously an industry exceeding tremendous growth. Technology manufacturing is moving particularly fast in response to the massive rise in demand for electronic communication and business.

The uptake is centred around secure and trusted devices, such as mobiles devices, smart cards, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) etc.
Trusted (and sometimes not so trusted) devices are characterised by contacting multipurpose chips with lots of functionality, including security used for encryption and authentication.

There are many layers of security that needs to be addressed in technology, including:

  • Production, e.g. initialisation
  • Personalisation
  • Ongoing updates, e.g. secure applications

Cryptomathic products are used by technology providers all over the world, where most of our deliveries are based on our standard off-the-shelf products, with a small element of customization to meet the individual requirements relating to the technology that we are applying security to.
The technology areas where Cryptomathic is an active serious player include Trusted Platform Modules, Digital Rights Management, Tachograph and Utilities.

The products that Cryptomathic supply to technology are based on two groups: