Cloud Security

Cloud Computing Security is increasingly becoming a hot potato: i.e. something that nobody wants to have to hold onto for too long. On the one hand, the lure of being able to run ones apps off no-hassle machines hosted by Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, the security element is often managed either through unconditional trust in the Cloud Service provider or through hybrid scenarios including bridges and connections out of the cloud and into own dedicated servers for sensitive operations.

In other words, there is a missing link between the application-specific security model of trusted servers which are secure a) either through being hosted in secure environment or b) by using dedicated HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) for server-side applications and personal security environments for protecting personal keys.

Based on Cryptomathic's internationally recognized unique IP technology it is possible to close this gap and ensure that operations carried out in the cloud are as secure as those carried out in a secured and dedicated data centre.

Within the cloud security space, Cryptomathic provides:

  • Cloud Security Services (routing data through to underlying and accredited hardware security modules)
  • Key and Security Application Life Cycle Management
  • Personal Security Credential Management (allowing the users to sign electronic documents securely and remotely)
  • Cloud Wallet - platform for secure mobile payments on all devices

In this space, Cryptomathic serves the World's largest payment schemes, the largest financial services providers and the largest eID / eBank / eGov holistic schemes provided to date.

Cryptomathic products used in the cloud security sector are centred around three groups: