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Secure & Dynamic Hybrid Clouds

Banking-grade key lifecycle management and BYOK across the hybrid cloud, with integrations into major clouds like Microsoft, Google, and AWS.

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Key Management and BYOK

Efficient and secure key generation and distribution across the hybrid cloud

Centralized & Auditable Key Management

Managing an increasing number of cryptographic keys for applications across the hybrid cloud is becoming a challenge in the quest of moving towards agile financial service platforms while retaining control of cryptography and remaining compliant to security requirements. 

Cryptomathic provides a centralized key management system that delivers automated key updates and distribution to a broad range of applications. CKMS manages the entire lifecycle of all keys (symmetric and asymmetric) and supports robust and auditable banking processes across the hybrid cloud and countries.

Product Sheet

Ultimate control and visibility of your cyptographic keys


Cryptographic Key Management Concepts on Key Generation, Metadata, Life-cycles, Compromise and more

Case Study

MASTERCARD - Centralized Key Management

White Paper

Selecting the Right Key Management System

HSM-agnostic Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

The banking sector's pace and success of innovation draws on the many services and scalable deployment environments provided by Cloud Service Providers - Rapidly enabling applications in virtual environments or modular services to be orchestrated into rich customer-oriented composite services. 

The success of a bank's platform-strategy depends on the degree of freedom, agility and security offered by the cryptographic backbone. Cryptomathic offers HSM- and cloud-agnostic BYOK and key lifecycle management, enabling platform independent security and sharing of sensitive data across the hybrid cloud. 

Solution Brief

A BYOK Solution for Lifecycle Management of Cloud Keys


BYOK is Essential for Data Security and Privacy as Business-Critical Applications Move to the Cloud


Key Management: New Digital Models for Banks and New Security Models, Too

Microsoft Azure Integration

Cryptomathic First to Launch Full Lifecycle & HSM-Agnostic ‘Bring Your Own Key’ Solution for Microsoft Azure Key Vault

Security & Resilience for Mainframes Across the Hybrid Cloud

Traditional mainframes and incumbent banking infrastructure are diverging across on-premise and cloud-based data centers. The market leader for banking mainframes is IBM's z-series, being able to stretch a bank's security architecture across the hybrid cloud; harnessing advantages of on-premise and cloud-native software deployments.

Cryptomathic has been providing banking-grade key management solutions for nearly 2 decades and supports the IBM mainframes for centralized hybrid cloud key management.

Solution Brief

CKMS - IBM Mainframe zOS Integration


Hybrid Cloud & Key Management for Financial Service Platforms: IBM's New CCA 7.0 and the Mainframe z15


IBM's z15 Mainframe - Security, Resilience and Secure Key Management for Financial Service Platforms


Payment & Banking: An Introduction to z/OS and the IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture