Secure Digital Transformation

Enabling secure end-to-end processes with remote digital signing and on-boarding, mobile banking app security, strong cryptography for payments and banking grade key management.

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Cryptomathic Key Management System

Efficient and secure key generation and distribution

Digital Signing and On-boarding

The digitalization of business requires non-repudiable and legally assured processes, beginning with the initial on-boarding, and covering many steps throughout the customer journey, where binding signatures or staged release processes are required. Often these processes cross corporate or national borders and areas of jurisdiction. 

Cryptomathic offers customer-oriented, eIDAS-certified solutions and managed services for remote signing and onboarding.

Solution Brief

Managed QES service with internationally recognized legal and privacy assurances


Three deployment versions & business models of eIDAS-compliant remote signing for financial institutions

Case Study

UBS increases efficiency and security using Qualified Electronic Signatures

White Paper

eIDAS-compliant Remote e-Signing

Industry-grade Key Management

Managing an ever-increasing number of cryptographic keys across business and payments applications raises significant challenges for organizations - manual, decentralized processes are costly and error-prone, and demonstrating compliance is time-consuming.

Cryptomathic provides a centralized key management system that delivers automated key updates and distribution to a broad range of applications. CKMS manages the entire lifecycle of all keys (symmetric and asymmetric) and supports robust banking processes across the hybrid cloud.

Product Sheet

Ultimate control and visibility of your cryptographic keys


Cryptographic key management concepts: on key generation, metadata, life-cycles, compromise and more

Case Study

MASTERCARD - centralized key management

White Paper

Selecting the Right Key Management System

Retail Banking & Secure Transactions

Digital payments procedures are omnipresent in all areas of day-to-day life. The safe an uninterrupted integration of all monetary and data streams through infrastructures and borders requires a strong cryptographic backbone to protect data security and privacy across all systems and locations.

A multitude of processes need to be seamlessly integrated including PIN translation and management, EMV authorization, CVV/CVC verification, encryption, data and code signing, tokenization, key life cycle management, or crypto-policy management. 

Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) is an unmatched tool to integrate, manage, and protect data and finance flows in a (crypto-) agile way.

Product Sheet

CSG - Central control of all cryptographic policies and hardware


Turning cryptography into a service

Case Study

CSG case study - Barclays Bank

White Paper

Achieving Real-World Crypto-Agility

Securing Mobile Banking Apps

Digital transformation needs seamless security from remote devices to the enterprise's data center. Cryptomathic offers a mobile app protection suite for end-to-end protection, developed specifically for banking applications.

Product Sheet

Comprehensive and dynamic protection for banking apps


Series of articles on Cryptomathic’s mobile app protection environment


Request pricing for securing your banking app project.

White Paper

Securing Mobile Banking Apps with MASC