Risk, Compliance and Security

Centralized key management and digital signing solutions for banking applications with security and compliance requirements for PCI DSS, eIDAS, PSD2, ANSI, and more.

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Centralized Industry-Grade Key Management

For compliance, comfortable auditability, and best-in-class security across all applications

Payment Card Security

Cryptomathic enables the cryptographic security backbone across the four party scheme of retail banking, including cardholder, merchant, issuer and acquirer.

Cryptomathic provides technology for EMV card issuing and centralized key & cryptography management across the transaction processing chain, compliant to PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security, FIPS 140-2 and ANSI X9.24. Cryptomathic CKMS enables automated updates and delivery of keys between disparate systems, supporting all major key formats and simplifying compliance audits.

Solution Brief

Ultimate control and visibility of your cryptographic keys


What Banks should consider when migrating from magnetic stripes to EMV smart cards

Case Study

Swedbank - Centralized Key Management for a Major Acquirer

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Selecting the Right Key Management System

Digital Identity & Signing

In the post-COVID society, end-to-end digital structures have become the spine of most service industries. Today digitized processes span from onboarding, transactions and communication, to the signing of contractual agreements.

Doing so in the financial service industry requires legally assured and non-repudiable digital processes with scalable banking-grade technology for digital identification, authentication and qualified signing.

Cryptomathic provides the relevant solutions on premise or as a service, in compliance to the necessary regulations like PCI-DSS, PSD2, eIDAS or ZertES.

Solution Brief

Managed QES Service with Internationally Recognized Legal and Privacy Assurances


Three Deployment Versions & Business Models of eIDAS-compliant Remote Signing for Financial Institutions

Case Study

UBS Increases Efficiency and Security Using Qualified Electronic Signatures

White Paper

eIDAS-compliant Remote e-Signing

Payment Security and Cryptography

Retail banking and distributed payment architectures require a plethora of crypto-agile security services including PIN translation & management, EMV authorization, CVV/CVC verification, encryption, data and code signing, tokenization, key life cycle management, or crypto-policy management. 

Cryptomathic's Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) is a central platform for providing cryptographic services for payments. It acts as a central mediator between applications, key management systems, hardware security modules and remote interfaces for key and policy management as well as audits.

Services and hardware are compliant with the relevant standards and regulations like PCI-DSS, FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and ANSI 9.24.

Product Sheet

CSG - Central control of all cryptographic policies and hardware


Turning Cryptography into a Service

Case Study

CSG Case Study - Barclays Bank

White Paper

Achieving Real-World Crypto-Agility