The Banking and Financial Services sector is undergoing disruptive change like only few other industries. The major drivers for change include strong regulations, open banking, digital transformation, hybrid cloud architectures, the growing threat of cyber attacks and an increased competitive landscape.

Regardless of the banking segment, e.g. retail, savings, wealth and corporate, investment, the financial services industry requires a significant level of security in combination with business agility - in order to respond to these changes.

Cryptomathic supplies a wealth of security solutions to the banking industry, ranging from card issuing, internet and mobile banking, to payments authorization and secure remote signing of documents and transactions. The solutions are aimed at addressing requirements for:

  • Secure Digital Transformation
  • Risk, Compliance, and Security
  • Secure & Dynamic Clouds and Open Banking
  • Crypto-Agility and Adaptive Security

Centrally managing cryptographic keys for highest security, effectiveness and PCI DSS compliance with Mastercard

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EBA’s opinion on elements of Strong Customer Authentication under PSD2 – Part 2 – Possession and Knowledge

Increasing efficiency and security using Qualified Electronic Signatures with UBS

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Barclays Bank

Implementing cryptographic business services, agile to changing business, legislative and security needs with Barclays Bank

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Next generation banking

Experienced, innovative, secure - benefit from Cryptomathic’s leading role in the banking security sector for 35 years!



Cryptomathic, the pioneer in banking security and cryptography, has evolved into a key partner for many leading banks in their transformation towards future-oriented, agile, secure and effective financial service platforms.