Crypto Key Management System

Managing an increasing number of cryptographic keys across business applications is becoming evermore challenging, whereas manual, decentralized processes are costly and error prone, and demonstrating compliance is time consuming.

Cryptomathic's CKMS is a centralized key management system that delivers automated key updates and distribution to a broad range of applications. CKMS manages the entire lifecycle of all keys (symmetric and asymmetric), supports robust business processes and allows you to confidently comply with and pass internal & external audits.Take control of cryptography and achieve compliance with centralized and automated application key management.

The top three challenges of key management are frequently cited as: lack of clear ownership of processes; lack of skilled personnel and the existence of isolated and fragmented systems.

CKMS directly addresses all of these. It enforces specific roles and clear responsibilities for sets of keys; it frees staff from manual, repetitive tasks and allows them to concentrate on policy decisions; it can orchestrate the delivery of keys between disparate systems supporting standard key formats.

Protecting your business processes from internal and external attack requires the strongest protection for the roots-of-trust that underpin them. Demonstrating compliance with standards like PCI-DSS and GDPR is non-negotiable for many enterprises.

CKMS allows you to stay competitive by improving business efficiency, while reducing costs and risk.

Product Sheet

Advantages of

  • Centrally manages the life cycle of cryptographic keys at large scale
    • High availability and scalability 
    • Supports multiple applications
    • Different key types and formats, e.g. Atalla Key Block, BASE24, IBM CCA, MC OBKM, PKCS#8, TR-31
    • BYOK and Manage Your Own Key (MYOK) in the cloud
  • Automates key management activities and on-line key distribution
    • Automatic key updates and distribution to any end-point
  • Reduces the risk of key compromise and human errors
    • Flexible key attributes eliminate paperwork
    • Dual-control and configurable role-based access
  • Provides tamper evident audit and usage logs for proof of compliance
    • Authorities: FIPS, Internal audit, PCI, Payment schemes and S/O
    • Domains: Physical (e.g. tamper) & logical security (crypto/SW/system design)
  • Streamlines key management processes to reduce admin and travel costs
    • Key custodians can remotely manage and update keys with with asynchronous workflows for at-your-desk key ceremonies
    • Support for all major HSM brands


Generation and Distribution of Cryptographic Keys

See how CKMS automates key generation and distribution for any application 

Innovation and Experience

Key Management Customers

The Crypto Key Management System was first deployed at a customer in 1998 to centrally manage keys throughout its entire payment network.

CKMS is now used by major organizations and financial services companies worldwide to centrally control and automate the life cycle of millions of keys. Cryptomathic's key management customers include Elan Financial Services, First Data, Infineon Technologies, MasterCard, SwedBank and Visa.

Combining CKMS with the Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) offers a complete infrastructure for total control of all key management, crypto usage and policy functions for any application.

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