What it does

As a remote signing solution, Signer offers:  

  • e-Signatures with the same legal value as a handwritten one
  • Remote generation of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) and Qualified electronic Signatures (QES)

  • Zero footprint signing for web applications with What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) functionality
  • Low deployment costs; leverage 2-factor authentication to sign anywhere, anytime from any device including mobile devices and tablets
  • Email signing or signing from desktop apps such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Non Repudiation to ensure before court, in case of litigation, that a document was signed by the user
  • Virtual smart card (for signing and encryption/decrypting purposes)
  • Cloud signing (integrate a signing experience with web based technology)

Cryptomathic can deliver the complete solution or individual components for implementing large-scale e-signature services.

You can either strengthen your existing online processes with strong non repudiation or bring online what was previously off-line for security or compliance reasons, due to the lack of legally binding consent. With Signer, users can apply their signatures remotely to any document or transaction. 

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Secure digitalization for business agility

Cloud signing

Delivering cost efficiency and ease of deployment, signature generation in the cloud is a strong enabler for eGovernment, eBanking and eCommerce. This is the only zero footprint signing technology that can offer an adequate security assurance level while being compatible with traditional, mobile and hybrid devices. Cloud signing only makes sense when the signing experience can be integrated into the business workflow and make it more efficient. Cryptomathic Signer allows for easy integration with web servers. Once your document or transaction is ready to be signed, Signer handles the signing process without breaking the browsing experience, lets the user sign and returns the signed content.



The EU regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS) has set a legal and standardization framework for the provisioning of advanced and qualified electronic signatures in EU member states and beyond. To ensure compliance to the CEN/ETSI standards, in particular TS 419 241, banks, certificate service providers and other parties integrating Signer in their environment can be sure that they will be able to provide Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signatures. Signer is delivered with policy recommendations and guidelines to ensure that you can smoothly leverage your PKI infrastructure and pass your audits easily. Signer is certified as a Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) for remote Qualified Electronic Signatures.

Cryptomathic Signer offers higher security, greater legal value, excellent user experience and full interoperability with eIDAS.



To commit to a transaction or document, users need to apply their signature in a legally binding manner. With Signer, the What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) process delivers security and inspires trust and confidence. The Signer WYSIWYS component receives the data to be signed, manages the signing process and WYSIWYS experience, ensuring that the data intended to be signed has not been tampered with. Technically, this is achieved by securely rendering the document(s) to the user so that they can visually observe exactly what they are signing, over a trusted viewer. The signed document with the adequate signature profile is generated at the end of the process ensuring easy integration with existing business work flow.



Non-repudiation is critical to maintain security and trust in your online operations by ensuring that a party that has committed to a transaction or communication cannot deny having done so. Signer builds on a PKI, where a key pair and a certificate are generated on behalf of a user. When a signing operation is made, Signer keeps secure usage logs centrally and features strong WYSIWYS functionality. These logs combined with audited security protocols demonstrates that the user retains sole control over the signing process. This provides convincing evidence to the origin and authenticity of the signature on a particular document or transaction – should this be questioned in court.


Leverage Strong Authentication

Many banks and businesses rely on 2-factor authentication (2FA) to secure user access to their online portals. Many users already are equipped with hard / soft tokens generating one time passwords, use SMS based OTPs or challenge/response solutions. The dynamic character of 2FA helps ensure that the user is actually present during the session but it does not safeguard against man-in-the-middle attacks, nor does it provide legally binding consent or non-repudiation. Signer solves these weaknesses and builds on existing 2FA methods to strengthen the customer experience with trustworthy digital signatures.


Email Signing and virtual
smart card

Signing and encrypting emails improve communication security. Traditionally, this was left aside as secure storage of the signing (private) key was often limited to smart cards or USB signing tokens. Modern laptops and mobile devices do not feature smart card readers and sometimes lack USB ports to attach card readers. Without Signer, signing and encrypting emails can thereby prove difficult while on the move.

Using Cryptomathic Signer, users can easily sign or decrypt their emails. They simply need to authenticate themselves to complete the operation.


Try out our on-line interactive demo

This demo shows how Cryptomathic Signer utilizes strong authentication to deliver user-friendly and legally binding digitally signed transactions and documents over the web.




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At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as longstanding clients.