Multi-Factor Authentication

The rise in on-line attacks, e.g. phishing and Trojans has led organisations to seek new ways of securing internet / telephone channels resulting in strong two-factor authentication - providing a long-term, strategic solution.

The Authenticator is a multi-factor authentication server designed for scalable applications, such as eBanking and eGovernment, with full support for a wide range of tokens to seamlessly match the current and future security needs of all users.

Authentication Mechanisms

  • CAP / DPA
  • VISA CodeSure
  • Digital signatures
  • Matrix cards
  • OTP proprietary tokens (e.g. Vasco)
  • Pattern recognition
  • PKI
  • Secure fax
  • Smart phone applications (e.g. Cryptomathic)
  • Static & partial user name and password
  • TAN lists

Multiple Authentication Methods


End-to-end Security

The Authenticator provides a much more secure and comprehensive solution than other authentication systems - addressing a variety of issues such as audit, compliance and dual control. Here are some of the features:

  • HSMs (Hardware Security Modules), securing cryptographic keys and authentication data
  • Attack detection, e.g. invalid authentication attempts
  • Administrator Security - remote admin client, chip card log-on, separation of duties and dual controls
  • Audit logs, including usage log and security log
  • Database, e.g. HSM encryption

Flexible & Future Proof

Criminals try to defraud users and steal their identities and in various simple and sophisticated ways. The Authenticator addresses relevant attacks and we will continue to add best in class authentication methods over time that foil future attacks ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the criminals. Current major attacks include:

  • Internal Attack
  • Man-In-The-Browser
  • Man-In-The-Middle
  • Mining
  • Pharming
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Trojan

Authenticator Angler fish


The Authenticator is scalable and is used by customers for managing anywhere from a few hundred users to several million.
The solution is the best 2FA solution for large roll-outs due to its performance and scalability features:

  • Fail-over, e.g. back-up or disaster recovery
  • Clustering
  • Load balancing across servers and HSMs

Return on Investment

Support for multiple authentication mechanisms allow companies to achieve full flexibility in adapting and modifying token strategies while avoiding token vendor lock-in, ensuring the highest ROI of all authentication servers as our customers can shop around for the most cost efficient authentication method.

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Please visit our on-line demo by clicking the image or link below to experience a multiple of user authentication mechanisms.

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